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May 15, 2007
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I'm not really known as being unreasonable, unless eggplants are involved. I don't like the whole "I'm too good for squatting" vibe, whether it be from volunteer work or education or upbringing. Shit happens, but guess what? You deal with it, you don't get a pass from it, and you're not any better than anyone else. You want something, you have to work hard, and maybe have to rough it for a bit. Neo went and said I want this and I deserve it because of blah, blah, blah, when instead she should have said, I'll be good to have around because I can help out with this and that and I will be a good housemate because of this and that and my positive attitude. (I thought she'd get the gist when I asked if she had applied for a job before, with her being college educated, but apparently I overestimated her smarts) I guess college still don't teach common sense.

Plus, let me be the first to say you can be homeless and still help people. I've done it plenty, and it's not hard once you get into the swing of it. If helping people is in your system, you'll do it regardless of where you are, whether it's on the streets, in a house or in prison. I'm not apologizing when I'll say the same thing face to face to someone who thinks she's better than me and deserves what I worked to get.
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crazy john

Jul 20, 2011
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ny america
check the makeing a living section in the diy forums and you should beable to figure out how to get by quite niceley with a low budget and no house car and a college degree, like most of us here have (although i know i dont have acollege diiploma, or highschool for that matter.) asfar as finding shelter, you should find a squat if you really have nowhere to go or travel and make the road your home. good luck

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