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  • ay I couldnt figure out the pm thing either.. Found it by mistake if you highlight a name it gives the option to start a conversation... Thats the only way I know topm
    The room in your picture would look exactly like my room from the same angle, only my carpet is trash now. The bed and everything too, same size, same parts. It's almost creepy.
    I just wanted to tell you personally, that i shouldn't have deleted your goodbye thread. Reguardless of my personal opinions of you, they had nothing to do with why I deleted it. I kept my personal opinions of you OFF your goodbye thread, but others weren't as kind and I thought your thread didn't deserve that, reguardless. What I SHOULD have done was give warnings to those being hateful, and removed their comments. But I didn't ...I deleted it. You live and learn and I don't always make the right decisions. I just wanted to let you know that reguardless of my feelings for you, it had nothing to do with that. good luck to you.
    Here's a poem I meant to send you the other day when we were all talking about that kind of thing:

    Solitarily drunk,
    watching pretty girls walk by,
    covered in cosmetics
    as dense as stale cigarette smoke.
    then there's that one;
    it happens at every party,
    that one who just stands out.
    so i think about trains:
    the A-OASP, the K-LAG2,
    the M-WCRV, rerouted up
    the california coast.
    i think of waking up
    in the doorway of a boxcar,
    watching the birth of day
    through the foggy lenses
    of my eyes.
    i do this because
    i can go everywhere on trains
    and nowhere with you.
    Beginers' luck
    My downfall
    Geuss you'd never met me before
    I geuss there was no girl
    You'd seen like me
    And now you won't
    Answer my calls
    Send me this poem again in a message. Thanks for sharing it in chat. I love it! I totally remember tht moment, fabulous convorsation/written in the starz moment ;)
    im doing alright im in knoxville tennessee hopping NS out tomarrow i have my road dog with me right know so hes keeping my head up but yeah i should be there in a week or two
    Hey what's up I'm in Tennessee I hopped a tRain from San Antonio to new orleance than I hopped to atlanta know I'm heading to new York city
    *fist bump* theres only like one other vegetarian in the punk scene here despite me letting them all the aspects to argue for vegetarianism/veganism!

    im not a serious buddhist, i actually pull ideas from the all three of the therevada, mahayana and varjayana traditions, but lean towards zen soto in the mahayana tradition, tho like i said not a serious buddhist. taoism is good, too. neo-paganism (like wicca) is another philosophical/spiritual tradition that interests me.
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