Give me your Panama Shit (1 Viewer)


Oct 23, 2006
novosivirsk, russia
So.... I got engaged to my girlfriend, she had already signed up for a study abroad program for the semester and neither of us can even sleep well without the other around so i bought a plane ticket to panama city tomorrow. hells yes!
what do you have for info? cool spots, music festivals, good taquerias, work on the canal tips, the canal railway, longboarding hills, people to meet, are you going to visit me, volcanos, volunteer ops to save the world, stuff to find, poisonous toads whose skin mucus you can scrape off and smoke>? what what . want whatever you got
come visit!
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Jan 22, 2009
where you live?
besides the great avocado tree behind the fort ruins in Portobello, walking around Pacho Viejo is pretty nice, the old part of town on the edge of the ghetto. If you have time and want to see something really amazing, you can take a jeep ride through the jungle up to the Kuna Indian territory and boat around the San Blas islands, pristine caribbean clear warm water, white sand beaches on uninhabited islands... thats about all i got...


Chasing the Darkness
Jan 4, 2009
Montreal, Canada
Sandblass was pretty sick, avoid colon if you can...I had guns pullen me there. I didnt get much from that country other than sailing the islands...which IS well worth it all.


Mar 19, 2007
Duncan, Canada
There is a cool abandoned radar facility near portobello i know of. Up in the hills...abandoned military site. Well worth the trip. I'll get the info for ya.

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