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I deleted myself
East, specifically north east...
New England Rules!!
Tons of variety, good people, food, drink.... anything I want I can do right here right now.
Boredom does not exist in our vocabulary :)


Apr 20, 2007
eastern shore of Maryland
i like the landscape of the west coast better...from so-cal to canada you go through several completely different climates and landscapes...east coast is either pine forests in the south, deciduous coastal plain or deciduous mountans...also i'm from the east coast so those western landscapes are more of a novelty........BUT....my vote in general is for the east coast.....too much of out west is uninhabitable or inhospitable terrain...vast deserts...innaccessable mountain ranges..yucky oregon and washington high deserts.....you got 2 major highways and only a few long distance mainline train routes goin up and down the west coast....east coast is a spiderweb of roads, highways and train lines....it's definitely more fun ridin freight in the east........


Jan 27, 2011
East coast
The east has a way of looking totally dead after the leaves have fallen. And the air becomes bitter cold and not as nice for breathing.
Apr 13, 2010
i like how the east has parts that look much cooler architectually, im more of a city boy so i prefer much of the east coast. so-cal has too much urban sprawl. northwest is too stingy...north east is very giving and hospitable. more people = more shows(usually) = more ''cool'' people. west coast not as many people from maine to miami., but what about the south coast eh?

Redd Capp

I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Oct 26, 2011
West Coast people smile in your face and fuck you behind your back.......When East Coast people fuck you and they are upfront and tell you why they are doing it.

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I deleted myself
I find that people are more generous in the West, but there's more to do in the East. It always depends on what you're looking for. I need generosity, so it's the West, for me.

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This dumpster was amazing;I'd often found throwaways of the big liter bottles they ship syrup with codiene to pharmacies in. Because of the consistency of it there would always be an ounce or two in the bottle they didnt get out. I'd get 2 or 3, spatula scrape out the good, make some szrrrp, put on DJ screw and get faded. :)
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40min outside Portland
i almost snagged the sickest steel toe cat boots just now and freddy LP got me going thru the door ugh. i leaped a hedge and got away.