drive in movie theaters - anywhere (1 Viewer)

Kuchi Kopi

Jan 21, 2014
Current Location
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Theres one in Santa Barbara, CA. Also, one in Minetto, NY which is close to or in Fulton. Take 690 to 48 and go the back way is the locals advice on getting there.
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Fred R

Dec 2, 2016
Current Location
The Cherry Bowl near Traverse City, MI. I was fortunate to live out my teens in Grand Traverse County, and this was a famous spot around town.


Jan 10, 2017
Current Location
I have not read through this post, so if this is redundant I apologise. There is a drive in theater in Newberg OR, off of 99W. Pretty cool spot.


May 29, 2018
Current Location
North-Bay, On, Canada
Barrie, Ont, Canada. Definitely was there 6 years ago atleast. Lol nothing better then watching a movie in your car and jus smokin tonnes of weed. Assuming its late and kids arent near your car lol

**Sorry just realized this is under United States.


Jun 26, 2018
Current Location
Roosevelt, Utah has one...Vernal had a bigger one, but theirs burnt down a couple of years ago. Go UINTAH COUNTY , my hometown heroes! they have them a big screen for outdoor movie night. ^_^

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