1. D

    Work shoes or boots?

    Will normal toe waterproof work boots or shoes work just as well for hiking? I can get a pair easily, if that's the case? What are the pros and cons of traveling with work boots/ shoes?
  2. BenAxeMan

    Rothco boots

    Hey everyone, so I passed up buying a rothco pack in favor of buying an actual gi one but I already have some rothco jungle boots. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on how they would hold up for vagabonding. Has anyone used them? Were they okay? Should I look for something actaully gi...
  3. Autem Tua

    DIY boots anyone?Photos 

    Show me your DIY boots! Here's mine: They're steel toed military surplus combat boots. I added some spikes for the heck of it, and drew on a bunch of anarchist stuff all over it.
  4. A

    Use Hot Rocks to Dry Your BootsVideo 

    I was talking about using hot rocks to stay warm but evidently you can also use them to dry your boots fast.
  5. tobepxt

    keep yer feet warm this winter. boot mod.

    if your boots dont keep your feet warm enough this idea seems like it would work. the idea is to take one of those windshield sun shades and cut some pieces out the same size as your boot insoles. put them in the bottom of your shoes and youre done.