1. almondmilkboy

    The Green Anarchists take on a bomb cyclone.

    So me and @Des and flowerbomb (the writer) and another traveling buddy took on a bomb cyclone as we rode through northern Cali/ Southern Oregon, we woke up to rain that eventually turned into light snow and then we read on the radar while we we’re on seperate pig’s w/ wings that there will be -3...
  2. D

    Over it.

    The insane cold of MN has me look for warmer times and better days, in the near future. It's been 4 years, and I have at least 1 more to go. I'm staying put, so I can vote in the 2020 perz election, but then I plan on leaving mid-2021 or early 2022. I don't even know if I would say I feel antsy...
  3. DoctorZ

    Storm Chase Adventure!

    Since I was a kid, I've always been interested in Storm Chasing. I even tried to chase them on my bicycle! Unlike other Storm Chasers I'm more interested in "experiencing" the weather rather than just take pictures or video of it. The following is one of the best Storm Chase experiences I ever...
  4. D


    Things I didn't know I needed until I traveled: A hat Something waterproof to cover myself and my pack Hiking boots (wanted lightweight, waterproof) Walking stick (I did a lot of walking in GA) I traveled through of of the southeast, where it can be sunny and day and pouring down rain all day -...
  5. Jerrell

    Climate/Weather Data for the U.S.

    I just stumbled across this website. Thought it would be a good addition to the cyber-toolbox.