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Aug 27, 2017
I'm curious about which weather app(s) you guys use when traveling. Most apps have decent winter info, so I guess this inquiry is geared more toward thunderstorms.

I've been messing around with different apps ever since The Weather Channel bought Wunderground and killed their awesome weather app. It still exists, but it's pretty much the same as the TWC app these days and lost some good data and functionality.
The things I liked the most about the old Wunderground app:

- Storm tracks
- Storm cell type and data (when you selected a cell, it listed useful data)
- Vortex signature
- Streamlined and fast (not bloated with shit we don't need just to be fancy)
- Free

Tried a handful of free apps over the past couple years and still haven't found something that has everything I've listed. If they had kept a paid version of the Wunderground one with all the original nuts and bolts, I'd have gone for it, so I've opened up my horizon a bit to accept I might need to spend a few coins to get all those features. However, I'm not going to spend a few coins here and a few there just to spend money on apps to test and find out I don't want. Can't afford it anyway really, I have been doing that Google Opinion Rewards thing to get Play Store credits and plan to use that when I DO find an app I like.

I was going to post about this before, but had found an old version of the Wunderground a few months back and was cruising with that. But, apparently TWC stopped disseminating the data I used, so it became useless to me.
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I use Google for most things...


Aug 27, 2017
Ok, after a lot of annoying and underwhelming apps, I finally found a free radar one that seems pretty solid and gives a lot of data on storm cells.
It's called Storm Tracker and it's actually a The Weather Channel app. Go figure.


Aug 21, 2019
I've tried a few and settled on MyRadar. It's free and provides forecast, weather radar, also you can add the wind and lightning layers. For lightning coverage I still prefer Blitzortung lighting monitor. Also free and gives a good breakdown of nearby strikes, number and frequency.


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