1. D

    Sobahs Beddah: A public letter to my sober self about my feelings on mortality.

    I keep telling myself that Sobahs Beddah (Sobers Better for those not from Boston). I keep chugging along. Dealing with life on lifes terms. I go to meetings and connect with a few people, some who occasionally I befriend. These people become reciprocal structures of support that aid me in my...
  2. D

    Getting Old:Existential/ Midlife Crisis

    This may be more a realized philosophy that crosses over all aspects of life. In the US the average life expectancy for a white male is 76.4 years old. Sure, many of us lived fast, some died young. I never thought I would become middle age. I lived much of my first 4 decades of life, fast on the...
  3. croc

    Avoiding substance abuse

    I've honestly been a little worried about this in my plans to travel next March. I smoke bud regularly. I'm okay going without, it's more of an end of the day to relax kinda thing. And I'll drink wine or a couple beers here and there (every other week or so). I don't get drunk or fucked up...

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