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  • hey, long time no hear from! how is your world?
    Just got back from a great Smoky Mountains adventure. Asheville was great!
    yo! im coby i grew up about an hour north of b-ham. i was traveling throughout last year, ended up back home for about six months and am now about to head out again. was wondering if your still in the ham?
    I dig what you're doing and am glad that your perspective finally turned around. I read your story and am pretty interested in you and your life. I'd like to start a friendship. Are you still in the South?
    Read your story...if you are still in Alabama check out Alabama Getaway

    classy stuff...
    Been mostly in the SOUTH. Currently in Birmingham, AL.
    Hey, i remember you sayin you were headed to nola. Did you make it?! I missed Halloween but im on mah way either tomorrow or thursday Ill be there! Looking forward to goin back home and chillin and partying with everyone!
    Hey I just rolled in to Nola, when you think your gonna arrive?
    In Augusta.. off to NOLA for Halloween!
    ...heading west in 2 weeks from MPLS.......
    Hey sorry I haven't been on a computer in a while. I'm in OR right now, but I'm headed back to minne in a few days.
    Hey there. I'm back in minne for a minute. Do you know of any good shows going on soon? I want to hit at least one before I head out to Seattle.
    TREAT- I've met you in Minneapolis before. Think, "The Labyrinth" !
    Will be in Germany next month. Im one ov Angels friends. He speaks well ov You! *TREAT*
    would like to chat sometime if u have any info on freight ops up in twin cities! welcome aboard! can call or u can call if easiest
    I totally remember the pics form the PE benefit show. thought your pic on here looked familiar
    so do you work for Profane Existence or do you just do some stuff for them?
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