1. SlutForSatan

    Call it Sleep - Situationist Documentary

    I found this Situationist documentary from the 80's that was a fun waste of 40 minutes, so here ya go.
  2. Coywolf

    Dealing with mental health and anger during 2020

    Hey all, I've been trying to develop my career over the past few years so that I am able to have a work/travel balance. There is this work schedule in my field called 'career-seasonal' that you can work between 6-10 months a year and you essentially get laid off for months at a time, and have a...
  3. Ramblin Blues

    Losing Democracy

    Oh man... What are we going to do when Trump is acquitted by the Senate and is given free rein to stomp on the rights of Americans, take away our entitlements and promote more hate?
  4. Coywolf

    The U.K. elections

    Y'all. I had hope for the cause. I am losing hope rapidly. Boris Johnson has just won the majority parliament in the UK, once again. This will mark the majority of the Allied Forces falling, after 75 years since WW2, into Nationalism. The entire reason why the UN was established after WW2, was...
  5. MadAndy

    My trip to the Gaza Strip and Podcast

    Hey everyone. I've been going through some old footage, from my time traveling solo across the Middle East and North Africa, between 2012-2016, and I thought StP would be a good place to share and archive some of that stuff. For those who aren't familiar with the situation in Gaza, I won't go...
  6. DuHastMich

    Mail bombs to Dems and Soros? The cheese has slid off the cracker of society

    Not sure if correct subforum. But what the fuck is people's problem? Mailing fucking bombs to prove a point? Look, I get today's political scene is a bit contentious. People are shitty about something, and probably with good cause. Seriously though. What level of "fucked up" must one amass...
  7. VikingAdventurer

    An Interesting perspective

    So, today, a dude came into The Library to hang out and take a look at our selection of books. We started talking about politics, which inevitably progresses to the subject of war. I mentioned that I am a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, and he asked me if I had ever read the book "War is a Racket"...
  8. Drengor

    Direct Democracy

    With the advent of the Internet the dream of Direct Democracy becomes quite a bit more believable, but if we talk through what that would mean I think we'd be eager to come up with something a bit more stable. This is a long one. By no means am I 'right' about this, I've just thought a bit about...
  9. A

    My thoughts on A- Political beliefs

    So my personal thoughts on people who don't like politics or don't like getting involved in thier communities is they are highly privileged, there are people dying every day in the Capitalist state we live in due to dying in the cold or dying due to the lack of food. In this world, it's not...
  10. Cracker

    Anarchy is actually far right

    I see the attack on free speech in the US coming from the left and true liberalism moving to the right. There's a weird shift going on in america. College campuses are brainwashing the youth and it's crazy because I see a lot of socialist claiming to be anarchist. The whole thing is crazy to...
  11. black

    what political ideology makes most sense to you?

    any particular sub-set?
  12. Archon Haz

    WHo are you going to vote for?

    So I'm not going to vote myself, and I'm not really interested in getting into a political argument. But I was wandering, I assume that many of us here have a socialist streak or two that would in general push them to vote Democrat, but Hillary Clinton is like the Queen of all things Class...