1. M

    I want to start the opposite of a doomsday cult, who wants to join it will be super fun.

    I am bored as fuck anybody talk to me about anything please.
  2. habitatbranch

    Abnormal Philosophy and Isolation

    Hi, just joined the site. My name is Atlas. I am not so much of a traveler, though I did spend about a year car camping around the u.s. searching for people or places I could relate to. As it has been my whole life, all I really related to was wilderness regrowing itself where humanity has...
  3. findfoot

    HOUSELESS RECORDS: Front Porch Tour

    Hi humans, I have these projects and I'm working on a house show tour August - November 2019. Calling all musicians and people to check it out and maybe get involved. This is letter has more details and a cheesy anecdote (cause it was aimed towards housies). Wanna host a show...
  4. Faunus

    Urban Herbalist and Sundry Other Projects: A Reminder

    I'm kinda putting together a note to self regarding what I'd like to accomplish wherever I am, wherever I end up; a lending library full of reading nooks and porch swings, with a food forest instead of a lawn (GardensNotLawns), with a bunk for whoever wants to help (HomesNotJails), a long table...
  5. DazeDreamer

    Greetings and whatever else

    Hey all, my name's Alex. I've only done a bit of traveling so far and currently am stationary but.. I'm saving money (even though fuck money) right now and searching for a well maintained Toyota T100 for sale anywhere east of the rockies and south of the salt belt.. gonna put a bed cap on it...
  6. mathelsom

    Developing homestead in NorCal looking to expand our community

    This is my first original post on STP and I'm very much looking forward to the responses i might get. I'll start off by saying a little bit about myself, ill keep this short. I'm a 26 year old female originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. I've spent most of my adult life (after dropping out of college...
  7. black

    Intentional Communities: What is your experience with putting Anarchism and Communalism into action?

    Have any of you have long-term or even just short-term experience with an intentional community? Did you follow a certain model of organization? Was anarchism, communism, or any far left ideas part of the equation? Were you in an urban setting? Suburban? Rural? Did you garden, farm, build...
  8. Betonmanden

    Starting a Permaculture Farm

    Im interested in becoming a land owner in the next year or two, to make a very old dream of mine a reality, and that is a semi off grid permaculture farm where I can blacksmith in my free time. Preferably in the mountains of the northwest. I thought a lot about Oregon but after looking at land...
  9. D

    My Wwoofing Experience Thus FarPhotos Featured 

    Well it has been a long time coming, but it's time that I finally write out my experiences with wwoofing. Wwoofing is loaded program, filled with wingnuts and kickass people alike. I would recommend it as probably one of the best hostel programs in the states, but I would also recommend doing it...
  10. Ashe Anne

    Dreaming to travel, preparing to live.

    Whats up? I am SO grateful that I found this amazing website. With my time here, I plan to read and participate in many forums and to hopefully talk to some lovely people who can help direct me to a path of dream-achievement. A little about my experiences: During 2014 I went on an adventure...
  11. K

    Land Ho! Dream coming to fruition

    across the street: Strawberry guava, tasty fruit, bentwood furniture, woven fences and???? Up the street (if you guessed very little traffic +8 Internet points) down the street, roads are decent, not far to paved stuff, mountain bike ready). Well, my wife and I are in the process of...
  12. Sio

    Deeeng I hope I'm doing this right

    Hey duders, my name is Siobhan (good luck pronouncin'). I've done a bit of hitchin the past few years, around the Pacific northwest and the midwest, but now I just moved into my very own car. I intend to head north towards Oregon (I'm in Santa Cruz right meowmeow), and then I think I might head...