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Mar 6, 2020
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Harper, KS
At the moment I'm discovering some stuff I've never heard before and listening to stuff that's already familiar. Nine Inch Nails, this new jam I like (Back by Andrew Applepie), and some songs written by fellow traveler and excellent youtuber Shiey. He has some wonderful vids of his experiences riding the rails in Europe, if that interests you, among other things.


Feb 23, 2019
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New Jerusalem, Idaho
My taste in music shifts around, but I just started getting back into ebm (electric body music -subgenre of industrial)

D.A.F. and Nitzer Ebb so far are my two favorites. ("All Over" by Nitzer Ebb is a killer track)

NIN brought this genre to the mainstream over 10 years after it began. I like their album The Fragile, and been meaning to check out more. They just dropped 2 free albums. You try their site below, but the traffic was to much when I did. I bought em legally for zero dollars but downloaded them from pirate bay. Just search for "ghosts together" and "ghosts locusts".

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Older Than Dirt

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Mar 5, 2019
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I don't know why i am in such an aggro mood this morning. I blame COVID-19.

Both sides of 1973 proto-punk classic "When Christine Comes Around"/"I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In" by Grudge, aka Laurice, Canadian supergay superstar.

The Rezillos, ""Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight" live; the sheer joy in Fay Fife's voice as she shouts "Hellooo, Glasgow!" at the start warms my heart every time.

And then you have to listen to the 1969 Fleetwood Mac original (yes kids, Fleetwood Mac did not originally suck), with Elvis vocals:

Finally from cartoon violence to John Lee Hooker explaining why he's "Bad, Like Jesse James"; when he makes the sound of the bubbles when his boys, the ones who do his dirty work, in they own way, drown the guy who's been going round town talking bout his wife, you know he's telling the truth. This is from the first record i ever bought with my own money age 14. Still on my all-time top ten.

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