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Apr 7, 2017
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Today, a ton of X-Mas parodies (classy and filthy alike). On a normal day, I listen to almost anything. I think it is easier to simply say that I'm not a fan of most 2010s pop and country, but listen to just about everything else under the sun.

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Dec 26, 2010
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Dick City California
Heck yeah @roughdraft ! Back in like 1990 I was 15 years old hearing Nomeansno for the first time on some skate video. I think it was a chocolate video but not sure. It was this track:
Nomeansno - Self Pity

Right then I knew bass was my instrument. It wasn't necessarily the skill/technical aspect

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Mar 5, 2019
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So (memory spurred by reminiscing with @OTTERWOLF in the squatter symbol thread) here is some superobscure NYHC '80s shit that no one who wasn't there then ever heard.

Sadly, their awesome cover of NYC funk classic "It's Just Begun" by The Jimmy Castor Bunch isn't recorded; live this often had horns from Westbeth/Go Club affiliated funk band Urban Blight. Here is the original:

Frontline was an incredible band. They represented the "Westbeth Crew". Westbeth is a subsidized artist housing complex in the West Village. All their teenage sons in the early '80s were punk as fuck, and stuck together. When there was a fight, whichever side Westbeth was on generally won. The Icemen is a very overlapping group with most of the same members with that came later.

Mackie the drummer (on the left in pic) is best known for being on Age of Quarrel when he was in Cro-Mags. Also one of the most respected graffiti writers of the 1980s; RTW represent ("Rolling Thunder Writers", for those not from the city or young). He later played with Bad Brains, The Icemen, Shelter and Hazen St. in addition to Cro-Mags.

See the secret history of new york’s hardcore punk graffiti writers - https://i-d.vice.com/en_uk/article/3kkvev/the-secret-history-of-new-yorks-hardcore-punk-graffiti-writers and The Most Influential Figures of NYHC: Mackie Jayson | Features - https://www.noecho.net/features/most-influential-figures-of-nyhc-mackie

Geeby (RIP 2019) was the singer i remember from doing shows with them; he is not in the youtube pic and maybe isn't singing on these recordings. Another super-respected graf writer, representing The Outlaws and the ferociously violent Go Club graf crews. Major component of Westbeth Crew's fearsome reputation for violence and revenge. Designed the Antidote logo. Later became a funk/hiphop producer. Here is a pretty good article that gives that vibe of that era well; everyone quoted is someone i hung with "back in the day":

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ok, i'm not listening to it.... but I'm thinking about when Flipper was playing at CBGBs, 1983... and they did like a 45 minute rendition of "I Am The Wheel" man the kids were leaving in droves, while me and my mate Robert A. stood outside knocking back the quarts and totally digging it !!
Note: this was not the same show when Bruce loose shot up on stage................. Flipper came twice around that year, as did the UK Subs..... actually, no theSubs did late 82, and then like mid 83 or something like that.......

Older Than Dirt
thanks mate for all the memories........... !!

Anarchy peace LOVE and Freedom.....

Bug George W NYHC 82/83.................

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