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Dec 26, 2010
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So, I wouldn't necessarily recommend these for like.. walking the ballast rocks alongside the tracks or anything but outside of that I fucking love these shoes. They're a little spendy but I feel they're worth every bit. They're great for building foot strength and they just give you a more natural feeling than regular shoes. Regular shoes are basically like walking with casts on your feet. The toes aren't free to splay and do their thing. These Vibram five finger shoes feel the same way gloves feel on your hands, but just on your feet.

I have a lot of nerve damage from breaking my leg and the surgery incision to install the titanium hardware. My toes on my right foot feel like they're all kinda.. like taped together if that makes sense. I can't spread them out. It's more or less "this little piggy went to the market, and these other four piggys stayed home, end of story" It almost feels like that foot has the function of a mitten and my other foot functions like a glove would. But since I've been wearing these weird ass lookin shoes my toes are already starting to get their little groove back. You gotta buy special socks with individual toes too, but those turn out to be quite comfortable as well.
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