Waiting to leave... Sick of Sarasota (1 Viewer)

Nov 7, 2019
Howdy all! I'm currently suck in Sarasota, FL for at least a couple of weeks. I plan on heading north, but not too far, too cold. Any helpful Florida travel tips welcomed and any good winter spots north of here?
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Jan 21, 2017
Naples, Fl
Personally, I think Sarasota is a good place to spend the winter. I was there last year during the polar vortex and it was like mid 80s and sunny.
Anyway, if you want to move north there are city buses that will take you to Tampa for less than $10. I don't recommend Tampa or Jacksonville or Panama City. I've heard good things about Pensacola and New Orleans. Tallehasse area is ok. Not too cold or too hot.
Probably depends on what you like to do on where to go though. Florida is Florida no matter where you go. Palm trees, skeeters, and cops.

Shaggy Rogers

Jan 30, 2017
Lived Georgia last 5/6 years. Dont recommend . Florida has a 1-up on here cuz georgia gets cold as shit during the winter. Fuck georgia

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Lived Georgia last 5/6 years. Dont recommend . Florida has a 1-up on here cuz georgia gets cold as shit during the winter. Fuck georgia
Bro Georgia is not that cold, you just need better gear.

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Considering im in a house, doesnt matter either way. The people here are ignorant shits. Not one person ive met in this state is a good person.
I agree, but most of America are ignorant shits in my opinion.
Still better than Florida where there's too many home bums, drugs, et cetera

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Most americans, yea. Most people worldwide, yea. But sarasota is for sure a winter stay. Warm bro, warm
Like I said, if you just had better gear... That being said though, some people do get cold more easily than others I actually personally really like weather in the 50s during the day, and 30s at night

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Well, if you're willing to come up to Minnesota, come on up! A lot of free food, as I'm sure you already know.

I hear Iowa's pretty good. Maybe not as good as MN, but still good. If you go to GA, I would suggest Athens, but it's spread out, so have transportation costs figured out. Athens GA has a nice, strict winter shelter. Some places that will let you hang out all day if you buy something, a waffle house if you would rather find somewhere to sleep during the day. They have a free botanical garden (you have call the public transit to take you out there and pick you up, but it doesn't go out there normally). A great flagging spot (you'll need to take a bus).

If you're not dead set on GA, but you would rather not come back to the mid-west, I personally suggest New Mexico. Albuquerque has a lot of resources, but not much to do. You can get to Santa Fe for cheap, though. I can't suggest AZ - at least, not right now.

Beegod Santana

Jan 28, 2008
The woods
Florida, Georgia, Minnesota and Iowa? Y'all are doing it wrong. Although I kinda second hanging in Florida till after January if you ain't trying to go too far.

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Why is no one bringing up the Southwest in this conversation?

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My tip for travelling. Buy motorcycle with windshield and saddlebags, then find friends to travel with,...

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