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Jan 3, 2015
Midwest, US
I'm on my second mini van. Not ideal. Not even as cool as a full size van as far as comfort goes..

But my thing is stealth. A dodge caravan might as well be invisible. Can park anywhere and look like a fuckin soccer mom.


Nov 22, 2019
Okanagan, BC
I live in an '85 Grumman step-van I converted. It has a 14' box and is pretty skookum. It's SUPER easy to work on (one of the bonuses of being designed for commercial use) and I could remove the tranny without leaving the vehicle by unbolting the floor! Flat glass makes replacement a breeze, any window shop that sells safety glass can do it, and it's extremely roomy. I get between 7-8 mpg, but that's mostly because it runs on propane (doesn't have high compression heads/pistons to make up for the power loss), I've got a ton of weighty shit, and it has a TH400 tranny. It would be nice if it had a 4-5 speed manual in it, but wishes and fishes.
One thing I'm contemplating doing is swapping in a Detroit Tru-trac differential in the rear; 4 m&s tires hooking up in the rear would give unreal traction!

edit: I forgot to add that it's pretty stealthy, looking like a general contractor's vehicle.


Jun 3, 2019
Yesterday met some guy living outta this, it was like a trailer but a house, very unique and original but gets peoples attention, had a bed and shelf's inside, wool on inside of roof, he was a nice fella said he been rubber tramping for four years now.



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snailormoon wrote on dumpsternavel's profile.
Discovered today that you have good taste in crevices. The decrepit old box spring really ties this space together.
Hopefully getting on my first train tonight with @dumpsternavel (and Meeka and Chickpea of course.) Shits bout to get rizzeal my doods 🤘🐌
Searching for traveling companion.
Matt Derrick wrote on Darcyx9's profile.
Hey thanks for the recent uploads to the library, looks like useful stuff!
Nearly done with the electrical system of the van. 170Ah Lithium ion, 2/4K inverter, 400 watt of solar, 40A MPPT controller. Should be up and running (or explode) this weekend.

After that I have to finish the primary work table, which will be the last big piece of the build.
back in FL 4 da 3rd time til I head 2 Colorado
Hey folks, we've opened up a new thread to discuss organizing this year's jamboree in the san juan islands! You should throw in your two cents!
returning refreshed, refurbished and re-treaded ... om back what did i miss?

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