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I deleted myself
I studied Gracie Brazilian Ju Jujitsu for three years. I have a blue belt and experienced the joys of what Gracie style had to offer.

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Knife defense
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Gun Defense
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And breaking a man's arm.

Learning from blacking out from chokes, having my arm almost dislocate, and almost losing an eye to a plastic knife, I can tell you that combat is a real bitch. It's chaotic, dangerous and can lead to big trouble with the law. Yet the more you learn how to use your body as a weapon the better.

Here are some basics lessons I learned to handle myself in hand-to-hand combat.

Voltaire once said that Common Sense is not common. This is very true when it comes to unarmed combat. When we get into a fight our minds switch back to our ancient lizard thinking. Where everything is instinctive and rationality is completely gone.
It is paramount to get a teacher to teach you how to fight. To learn how to throw a punch. How to knee someone in the gut. To disable a man with a knife. Or to snatch a gun out of a killer's hand. You can't do this on your own nor watch it on YouTube.You need someone to do show what you don't know and fix it.
There is no excuse for not learning from the best.
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I don't care how hard you think you are, how many guns you have, or how many ways you can kill a man. Bad towns and bad people will always find a way to fuck you up. All it takes is for one bullet to kill you, one stab to kill you, or a whole gang to rape you until your nothing but blood and guts. It's best to avoid these bad scenarios by sticking to places were police can reach you without the need for a Tank. Nor being around people who would sell you for crack.
Stick to happy places and happy people. You will live longer.
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Even in safe areas it's best to be observant at all times. Not only for people looking for trouble (ex: drunks, junkies, and gangs). But people like family, friends, coworkers, or travel buddies who would steal, manipulative, and will sell you for just pennies. If one cannot detect the vile monsters before them, start sharpening your skills now.
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Life never stops. So does death. You must repeat your skills constantly until it is second nature. Learn new ways to hone your skills. Be open to the dangers and opportunities around you. You must train like Hell to keep you and your love ones safe.
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These are the tips I learned over the years. They helped me alot to avoid trouble and to stand my ground.
Thank you for you time.

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