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    Ninjas are Illegal in Kansas

    Ok so where I live I am allowed to openly carry a loaded firearm without permit, license or training... I am not however allowed to own or carry: throwing stars, smokebombs, knuckle spikes, throwing knives, or blowguns. Grappling hooks can also be considered burglary tools Kansas does not...
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    News & Blogs Train to win

    I studied Gracie Brazilian Ju Jujitsu for three years. I have a blue belt and experienced the joys of what Gracie style had to offer. Chokes Knife defense Gun Defense And breaking a man's arm. Learning from blacking out from chokes, having my arm almost dislocate, and almost losing an...
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    The weapon that makes you feel safe?

    Hey all, What do you have on you that makes you feel safe, with or without having to use it? What are it's pros and cons? You can also post what you want to have, and it's known pros and cons. I have mace. Legal in most states, and people just seeing that you have it makes most of them back...

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