1. G

    News & Blogs Autism + Sex = Clusterfuck

    A video on why I hate sex, relationship, and why Arthur Schopenhauer makes sense.
  2. G

    Common Sense in the digital world

    Hacking is becoming a big problem in today's society. Even our email boxes can lead to stolen information. I am not talking about about that NSA shit (that's a given). But common everyday stuff that can royally screw us over Here are some hard lessons I learned from my experiences 1#: Lock...
  3. G

    News & Blogs Train to win

    I studied Gracie Brazilian Ju Jujitsu for three years. I have a blue belt and experienced the joys of what Gracie style had to offer. Chokes Knife defense Gun Defense And breaking a man's arm. Learning from blacking out from chokes, having my arm almost dislocate, and almost losing an...
  4. G

    News & Blogs Autism: My insanity keeps me sane

    Life with Autism is no different than any neurotypical person. If I don't eat I die. If I don't sleep I die. If I piss off a psychopathic thug I will get gun down. The only difference between me and a neurotypical is how I handle people. Personally, I think Autism made me into a better man. I...
  5. G

    News & Blogs Lessons from Texas

    Back in January of 2017, I got a $1,000 from a car accident. Since I was bored I decided to hit Texas for the sheer joy of it. Life was short and I wanted to have found memories before I die. Thus I began my week and a half trip with a grand in my pocket. No civilization works for free. People...
  6. G

    Video My first solo trip to Atlanta

    As a man with Autism, this is a major achievement for me.
  7. Cosmic Rob

    Social Security benefits

    I decided to write this because i've been on Social security since 2009 and i've heard all kinds of things- from "you have to pay back what they give you" to "you have be bat-shit crazy to get them." and "only trust fund kids can get those." i want set the record straight so you aren't lost in...
  8. happyemil

    Help, help, help...

    I didn't know where else to post this. I really just need advice and reassurance right now. I'm a disabled 21-year-old "high functioning" (if you can call it that...) autistic man. I cannot work. I have tried to work normal jobs before which I only ever obtained with the help of friends, but I...