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I deleted myself
Jan 20, 2014
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'This is a pretty conservative town for people like you"

-driving while black through Russel, Kansas
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Taylor Werner

Sep 29, 2011
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Seattle, WA
Me: But, we've already talked to other cops today, and they told us it was legal to hitchhike on the ramp, so long as we didn't go onto the interstate.

Cop: You're not hitchhiking. You're soliciting a ride, and soliciting is illegal.

Taylor Werner

Sep 29, 2011
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Seattle, WA
Cop, lecturing me and a van full of hitchhiking kids about the dangers of hitchhiking: I mean, what does an axe murder look like?

Fellow hitchhiker: Bald, with a handlebar mustache. (Which described this particular cop.)


Mar 26, 2019
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Gainesville FL
With 40 years of 'research' these have remained my favorites. Note* asterisk denotes fbi agents:

This is for your safety
While handcuffed at gun point for feeding the homeless.

I Wil blow your fucking head off if you move your hands again!
While an officer had a knee in my back, another with its foot on my left hand, and another with their foot on my right wrist. I rolled my fingers on my right hand from pinky to pointer like one does on a table as I was growing impatient as this was about 10 minutes in that position. The let me go with a warning for 'speeding' on my bike.

Where are you coming from.
Why am I being stopped
I will ask the questions. Where are you headed?
I qoute the FL state statute verbatim regarding Stop and Frisk.
Please step over here sir.
I reqoute the part of the statute pertaining to relocation and tell him he can try to take me to court to change that, otherwise I will be on my way.
What are you a law student?
Just a class conscience citizen that wants to strip you of all of your immunity.
I got on my bike and rode away. Thankfully I'm a middle aged white male or this wouldve have went entirely differently.

Do you know anyone currently in Northern Syria?
Have you had any correspondence with anyone in Northern Syria?
Do you normally take cream and/or sugar with your iced coffee?
As one of them gets out of the car to go into the place I stop every day for coffee on my way to work.


Jun 5, 2019
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Redding, California
jason-tacbas-jpg.50743_Stupid things the cops have said to you?_Politics & Anarchism_Squat the Planet_11:33 AM

Meet Officer Jason Tacbas of the United States Forestry Law Enforcement. Us locals refer to them as TREE COPS

During my employment with Antlers Shell station in Lakehead California, he came in one day and bought a Snickers bar and a Blue Poweraide. The next day I was at the lake with my two sons enjoying a nice refreshing swim on a 105 degree day. Out of nowhere he rolled up. Demanding I tell him what kind of drugs I have. Told me he wondered why I had a tool box in the back of my truck. Then told me he ran my name and I was named as a suspect in all the break in's around town and that the tool box confirmed his suspicions. Also since I was in a national forest he needed no warrant or probable cause to search. Now I'm not going to lie. I had 2 grams of Train Wreck. I told him that he didn't need to be so rude and such an asshole.

Me: I wasn't rude to you yesterday when you came in to my store.
Tree Cop: I never been in your store.

Come to find out that same day he had stopped 5 other Shell employees. Two weeks later I was at work when he pulled up to a gas pump. Ran his card and filled his tank. WAIT. WHAT? NO RECEIPT PAPER? Now he wants something from me.

Tree Cop: Just this Snickers and the receipt for number five.
Me: (Just stood there grinning)
Tree Cop: Are you going to help me?
Me: Is that a question?
Tree Cop: Yes. Are you going to help me?
Me: I don't answer questions for law enforcement.
Tree Cop: Really? You really going to do this?
Me: I don't answer questions for law enforcement.
Tree Cop: Can I talk to your manager?
Me: You mean the lady you harassed and treated like a criminal on the same day you did the exact same to me?
Tree Cop: I'm going to tell you right now that what you are doing is a felony. You can not harass me for a ticket I gave you.
Me: I'm not harassing you. I'm being an asshole. Sucks huh?
Tree Cop: I'm going to go call a deputy sheriff out here. He is going to handcuff you and You will be arrested.
Me: *Leaning over the counter looking at his gun belt* Are your handcuffs broken? If I am committing a felony, isn't it your obligation to arrest me?
Tree Cop: I'll be back with a deputy.
Me: I'm off at three.

Never came back. His supervisor called the next day and we faxed him the receipt and told him to keep his nazi's out of our store.

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I got my first trespass in over five years of riding, but the bull in clovis was doing that thing were he scans the cars from a ladder and my bike had the back wheel off so i couldnt run. I caught the next train after he let me go.
The amarillo northyard hopout is trashed, can yall clean up after yourself. No wonder they put up all these new fences here.
just now saw yet another article of people talking photos of themselves and falling into a waterfall and being pummeled into drowning - why people why - i recall when i first heard something like this out at Silver Falls eas of Corvallis, I think it was 2012 or 2013, but it never ceases to amaze me that it happens so much all over the world
Hitched into Quebec City, got a free wristband to a music festival with The Offspring and Blink-182 playing!! Good times, now off to Charny, back on the rails!
'All I know is that I dont know nothin'
Fillmore, California... California is the ultimate shithole..!!!
how many of you get inspired when you watch 'into the wild'??? i know it always makes me want to hit the road.
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