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I deleted myself
Hey all,

Our dogs had a litter of puppies a while back, we gave all of them away.. then a few months later, someone gave one puppy back to us because she "couldnt handle it"- or whatever. we have been taking care of him since then, we call him skunk puppy.

skunk is SO FUCKING AWESOME, hes a sweet pup loves to cuddle, very loving, kkissssesss forrr dayyss, and cant resist a belly rub.
now, i want more than ANYTHING to keep this little fucker cause hes just the best little dude, but we have his parents and we just dont feel like we are giving him enough 1 on 1 time. Also, can you imagine 2 kids traveling with 3 dogs? HECTIC and unfair to everyone.

im willing to do A LOT to assure skunk finds the right owner, and the only way we will give him away is if hes going to a badass traveler, or really nice big farm or ranch with other dogs for him to run around with.

We are in the north bay area in california, willing to drive (and possibly give a ride to?) to meet up with someone if they wanna meet him...

skunk is now 8 months, hes had all of his parvo shots, SUPER OOBER healthy little dude never even had worms.. and he still got his balls

mama and papa bread are (we think) pitbull, blaCK lab, beagle, hound, maybe sheppard? the biggest he will get is 65lbs (like papa dog, gravy train)

thats it! send me a message if your into meeting him ?


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May 26, 2013
Melbourne, FL
Damn dude, he's a super cute puppy. If I didn't just adopt a pitt bull/german shepherd puppy a couple of months ago I would totally have taken him. Good luck finding him a good home, good to see he has nice people looking out for him.


I deleted myself
well let me know if you wanna meet up.. only 3 days max on freight from SD

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