Looking for hitch buddy


Jul 15, 2017
Current Location
Lexington, ky
Head out of Lexington ky. Looking for a hitch hike buddy to hit California with. Or if you're in California, I can catch bus there, and we can hitch hike from there

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Spent the night in Roseburg. Gonna be in Ashland by 1. Hang for a bit, keep going south.
Holy crap. I hit 10k subscribers on YouTube, and finished building a new deck! I'll be doing a video shoot today, and tomorrow I'm going to the city to get my prosthetic leg worked on, afterward I'll be eating fancy food and drinking fine booze- possibly with a date. Jeez, what a week!
Hitching out of Roseburg. The last few days have been slower than I like but that’s part of the game.
So happy to be here. The only person who thinks like me that I know in real life is my ex gf... haha we still talk but argh I need more like minded souls!
KnifeToe wrote on Matt Derrick's profile.
Are you a stoolie?
This week:
Roommate: "Didn't you have second thoughts when you saw that she had "trouble" tattooed on her arm? "
Me: "Well, no..."
Roommate: "How about when she said the cops were after her?!"
Me: "Well, you know...no...."
I made it all the way to Dallas! I spent my weekend in a motel for Easter, and had a pretty good time.
So I found this nice, wooded park in a safe suburb of Dallas, right? Well there’s a lot of what might be poison ivy. Okay, so I find that I’m near a bridge with a small creek near it.

Then the Hobo Gods decided my string of very good luck needed Thanos-style balance. I get my sleeping bag out, and that little shit rolls down the hill, into the river, and drifts away forever. RIP
AAAutin wrote on roughdraft's profile.
I would bow and shield my eyes in the presence of that beard's brilliance...
Barbanegra wrote on Quackery's profile.
Happy Birthday

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