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would you help edit hitchwiki with your own travel experiences?

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Feb 21, 2014
San Francisco, United States
So I'm on my first long term road trip since joining the site. We went through all of northern Cali, and It was my first time hitching. A lot of really cool people and experiences, but there was one thing that stuck out to me:

how obsolete most of the info on Hitchwiki is,
how perfectly stp members are positioned to edit the wiki with more accurate information.

Look how many of the regions for california are in red, meaning no info at all:


Anyway, I felt like updating the wiki with some of the stuff I learned about Mendocino and Lake Counties while I was up there.

Thought I'd try to see if anyone knows good hitch spots, or tips, or whatever for the places they know best.

:) thanks!

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Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
i agree that more people should take the time to add info to that site, i'm a very busy person, but i'd like to add some stuff when i have time, as they're doing the whole wiki thing much better than we could.

Tony Pro

Aug 24, 2015
I upddate whenever I feel I've got something of value to add. It's true there's a wealth of untapped knowledge out there which has yet to be added to the site.
Their map function has so much potential, too.


Feb 21, 2014
San Francisco, United States
I haven't had time to sit and update anything man. I feel you on that Matt. Just got a job, so I'm crashing on a couch and saving up for better gear. Probably sit down and edit the wiki before my next trip north. :) thanks for helping guys :)
Oct 12, 2017
32032 Weyerhaeuser Way S, Federal Way, WA 98001, USA
Seems the creators are jumping ship to a more potentially marketable hence commercialized endeavor with Trustroots project. In all, if Trustroots is legit (highly questionable) then it could be an amazing resource. Never hitched anywhere and cant see myself hitching a ride anywhere. Im a slave to my bicycle.
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