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  • These new rules for the train riding forum are ridiculous. I've been on here for 5 ish years.
    Yea yer right. Its ridiculous to ask folks to put forth some effort and at least give off the illusion that they give half a shit before having access to other peoples train information.
    I hear reddit is way cooler!
    So down and out that I literally can't afford to get to my job. Friend will be driving me out of town soon.
    Who woulda thought having your nose reconstructed and knee surgery would suck so bad? Goodbye road life. This is my expensive sign to leave.
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    damn, sorry to hear that. is it possible to rubber tramp from here on out?
    Back on the road. At an active siding and building a small jungle/waiting area.
    Getting a root canal a week before I'm being driven out of town by one of my co workers. Probably a bad idea. Oh well.
    Getting a root canal a week before I'm being driven out of town by one of my co workers. Probably a bad idea. Oh well.
    Been thinking. I shouldn't get back on the road with a guitar. Makes hopping a bitch. Especially with a dog. Imma be a straight bum.
    Financing a scanner entirely by filling out surveys for slave money. Kill me.
    What website actually gives you money for surveys?
    Oh, hey, I'm a homebum. Have a job and squatting a garage. FML.
    Supposed Mocha
    Supposed Mocha
    Hey some garages can be comfy, so long as you got a couch and a source of heat! Well and no holes in the place but hey newspaper and particle board.
    Damn Homebums always trying to push me off 'their' fly spot
    i love garage living. although finding heavy, fast, brown spiders with huge butts crawling on yer hoodie isnt cool at ALL.
    Back home in MN. Ride to Rainbow gathering fell through due to multiple vehicular break downs. Gonna try to hop out to west coast soon
    Truck I was driving to get to a ride's house for the gathering blew up. Not a good thing when you don't have a license.
    Raimbow Gathering Yuba meet up and now STP meet up. Holy hell this year's full of good shit.
    GoPro for filming life on the road, eventually to complete a documentary, fell off skateboard mount in last ride's car. Damn.
    Lost my wallet just before I was gonna head out. I'm fucked for the time being
    Spent three days trying to catch out east in a UP yard. Didn't go anywhere but I met a bunch of cool people!
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