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Apr 29, 2011
Hippies don't troll the forums because they're not as cool and emo as punks.

Some ADVANCED terminology:
Cyber Punk, Woods Punk, Street Punk, Urban Jedi, Junglist (2 definitions- fans of Jungle music, and people who hang out in the Jungle), Urban Junglist...
Pirate-Ninja (a Ninja with a ship)
Ninja-Pirate (a sneaky Pirate)

Honestly, the social groups in the U.S. are pretty damn huge. Have I mentioned the Illuminati Conspiracy Theorizers. UFO Enthusiasts. 2012ers. The list goes on. Some would say it includes every major religion ever, right alongside these other cults and groups.

Can an Urban Jedi or a Cyber Punk actually exist? That's what I want to be. Dibs that.

Sociology is fun. You should check out the Illuminati Card Game. It's all about that stuff.
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Mar 13, 2011
the desert
okay so... i kind of hate hippies, punks and humanity in general. but i do appreciate the irony of this and learned while traveling the country that many people could would not make the same subcultural distinctions as i did: "yes, i'm a dirty traveler with weird clothes and weird ideas, who smokes pot and doesn't eat meat, but... i'm angry? and i listen to harsher music?" i also often tell my gf that she is a hippie because she *still* doesn't eat meat, wears a lot of jewelry, listens to pink floyd and folk music, and mostly because it annoys her and she doesn't think she is a hippie.

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Squat in Austin’s north loop! Seeking advice and squat mates as well as offering a place to crash and some company. We got booze and electric?
croc wrote on quad8's profile.
Yo, last night I rode my first autorack! Colton to Yermo in an automax n it was articulated, door open. Love those curved floors so u got a lil hidey wall to chill behind.
Thought of u as soon as we got on lol
Sick as a dog in Texas, once again..
Fuckin' shit
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Go to the gathering in Ocala and you’ll find a ride out of Florida easy as pie
I'm thinking about saving up a little travel money and do some casual freight hopping, it's been almost 3 years :(
Texas bound! Weeee!!!!! 🐌
Must of seen a thousand robins in Appalachicola. Guess that's where they all go...

Beautiful ride from the panhandle through Alabama, big bruised sky all the way until it opened up on me just south of Jackson on 49.

Think I'll head for Terlingua once I finish turning this wrench and dry myself out...
whos down with some FroYo?