headin to alaska on a motorcycle from vt (1 Viewer)

Sep 23, 2015
Burlington. Vermont
so im heading to alaska from vermont in april on a motorcycle... already crossed the country three times (same trip florida to california to vt) but if you have any advice on alaska/canada/ anything id love to hear it also if you want to ride with me be happy for the company....
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Jan 2, 2009
Foothills of the Cascades, western WA
are you going via BC/Yukon or taking the ferry up through southeast from Bellingham? I really recommend riding the ferry up (or on your way back down) if you've never done it. Incredible views of the inside passage and you can pitch a tent on the stern deck and camp out, for no extra charge.

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Be sure and tell people how much gear they will be limited to so you can help avoid disappointment.

Excellent offer, btw.
Sep 23, 2015
Burlington. Vermont
well i dont think i was clear enough they need to bring there own bike/ scooter/ something that does more than fifty mines not very big and hate carrying passengers it makes the bike harder to control/ more risk to both of us i can think of about 10 times i would have laid my bike down on my last trip if i had a less experienced passenger or a passenger that wasnt paying attention... had a couple people push me out of my lane and onto the shoulder one guy got his mirror kicked off (i tried for his passenger side window to but he sped away)... anyways i will definitly check out that ferry


Jan 10, 2016
Burlington, VT
Burlington VT eh? That was my town before I took off to live on the road. Had an apartment on King St. However I'm now in the southwest and have nothing helpful to contribute, sorry. Cool idea though.

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