1. OriginalAlaskan

    Alaskan just North of FoCo

    What's going on Ramblers, Gamblers and Nomadic Squatters alike. Found this whilst looking for an alternative to locking myself into my topper while boondocking. Been camping, traveling, fixing, adding and as of this year hitting up the Rambler 500 and Gambler 500 shoulda been the Gambler 250...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Why the ‘Chris McCandless Bus’ Was Removed From Alaska’s Wilderness

    News & Blogs 
    Flickr/The Alaska Landmine -- The back of the famous "Chris McCandless" bus. The bus that served as shelter for itinerant hiker, hitchhiker and adventurer Chris McCandless and also became the site of his death has been...
  3. Bungus666

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    When I turned 18 I hitchhiked from WA to Portland OR. After lots of soul searching I decided to go to Alaska. I stayed all around the Kenai Peninsula for almost 3 years before returning to WA. I met lots of very nice and a few not so nice folks. I worked for housing and made work connections...
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    Getting retardo
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    Me on my snow machine
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  8. Dorkimus Prime

    To Alask from the lower state without a passport?

    I'm curious if I can get from the lower states through Canada to Alaska without a passport? I'm not planning on making the trip until sometime next year but I can't get a passport because I owe the state lots of money which I can't realistically pay anytime soon.
  9. Cornelius Vango

    Photo Tour of my Bus

    Now that I've been living full-time in my bus instead of just using it as a detachable bedroom and work truck, I decided to take some pictures of my set-up.
  10. Cornelius Vango

    Leaving Slab City - packing up my bus and saying goodbyes

    This is the first of the videos I'll be uploading about my on-going adventure rubber-tramping poor (as fuck) from Slab City to Alaska where I have tentative plans for adventure!
  11. Synthect

    Hitch-hiking Alaska

    I'm looking for a person to travel with hitch hiking or any advice for hitching Alaska. Currently situated in Anchorage looking to either travel to Girdwood or Seward first (or anywhere you can suggest too). I have my own supplies and whatnot and travel with medical supplies. I can give you...
  12. carol

    canada to alaska

    has anyone hitchhiked from canada to alaska before? i really want to go to alaska this summer, and i can't find any cheap bus ride or trains that go to alaska. any tips help guys!
  13. findfoot

    Yo Squats

    Yo my name's Foot, short for Dirty Little Foot. I'm a bum/nomad from Alaska. Currently traveling with my road dog Trash (Alex mercer on squat) who introduced me to STP. We're headed to Colorado & West at the moment. See you in the slabs.
  14. acepotato

    Packing- Fall/Winter Alaska

    Hey y'all. I'm heading up to Alaska in a few weeks to work as a deckhand on a boat for a bit. Never been up to Alaska- got hooked up b/c a friend fishes there. Clueless about what to bring for fall/winter. The salmon season is only for a bit longer- so I'll only be working for like a month...
  15. J


    Any tips, advice, recommendations, "must-sees". How bad are the bears... anyone know if boat or flight is the only way to get to glacier bay national park? has anyone ridden alaska rail...?
  16. Lauren

    Alaskan Texan

    Hey, I'm Lauren. Decided about a week before my 18th birthday to ditch my home life in Fort Worth and haul ass to Alaska. Just got here on Friday. Already met so many great people. Planning on hitching around for a while. Any tips for an 18 year old girl hitchhiking? I like to believe i have...