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Apr 30, 2016
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Day 2 at my first hop out was a Saturday. The morning was very quiet and i had no idea when my ride would come. Just in case i was there all weekend, I needed to make a supply run.
The nearest commercial area was directly across the yard and through a humble residential pocket. It also saved me from walking through the bougie hood that flanked me from all other directions.
Made it across with no problem. On my way back, a yard worker drove past me into the yard. At that point, I was still off property, but it was clear where I was going.
As I entered the yard I saw him waiting in his truck. So I came in through some bushes and hid in this pile of concrete where I could see his truck.
20190202_132354-jpg.48844_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

I figured I would wait him out while i cracked some long-awaited beer. He didn't budge by the time I finished one, so I doubled back off property toward some unnamed pond.
As I hoped, the path around the pond brought me far enough out of the way to re-enter the yard out of view.
On my way around the pond, however, ...this happened:

20190202_133207-jpg.48845_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133354-jpg.48846_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133612-jpg.48847_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133549-jpg.48848_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133338-jpg.48849_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133037-jpg.48850_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133444-jpg.48851_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133300-jpg.48853_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM

20190202_133237-jpg.48854_Gnome Village......!_Travel Stories_Squat the Planet_12:14 PM


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May 24, 2016
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I saw Hulk Gnomegan leg-drop Andre the Dwarf back in '83...

Juan Derlust

Mar 6, 2017
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I'm diggin' the palms in the background: Acoelorrhaphe wrightii - Paurotis palms - gotta be Flodda. Speaking of palms, here's an advisory note for all rubber-tramps - be careful where you park in hurricane country!
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Jul 28, 2011
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LOVE IT!!! Love my gnomes! There is a house down the street that has their front yard dressed up in a magical kind of way. They change it every year - with little trinkets and objects hidden here and there. But the focal point is the "party" going on in the front. There's a table and chairs and mis matched barbie and ken dolls. Last year had an army joe with a barbie slung across his shoulders. Miniature cans of "beer" on the table and flung off to the side. Always an entertainment to walk by it!

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