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Photos getting the most out of your razor

Oct 14, 2014
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started doing this about a year ago. was fed up with going through so many razors. the plastic guard is completely unnecessary. the only part of the guard that is important is the sides near the corner of the blade.

this is what you need:


a single blade disposable (dual blades will still clog) and pliers.


best to leave it in the sun for a few minutes to soften the plastic then carefully remove the plastic just below the blade, without damaging the corner guard or blade.


it's very important the plastic still covers the corner of the blade.
after this razor hack you can shave a full beard with ease. you can also sharpen your razor on the backside of a leather belt.

i haven't fully tested how long i can make one blade last. i imagine a year or two, the real benefit is a better shave.
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Jul 6, 2017
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Neat trick, definitely useful.
But if you can shell out like 18 bucks, you can get a reusable safety razor at target. They use one blade that you can flip around using both sides of the blade. They are difficult to learn at first, but if you get it down you can get many usages out of the blades. The blades are cheap as well, 4$ a 5 pack but you can use both sides of the blades so that's like 10 shaves. But the box is also tiny so if you don't got the 4$... You know what's up. haha

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