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suzie fox

Sep 14, 2011
where you at now??

typical living situation in an orchard lifestyle is a spot to pitch your tent , a spot to make a fire, a hose and an outhouse. some also have living room trailers and kitchen trailers and shower houses :D :D

working on vineyards never (say never) provides even a camp spot, so that can make it a little tougher so i'd say either find a sweet stealthy beach spot of your own to claim or find somebody generous with a yard, or camp on an orchard anyways, fuck you'll blend right in. one time i actually paid for a camp site which was sweet they have outlets and showers too.

whichever way you do it, i guarantee a lot of beaches and wine and summertime-feelin-fine jam sessions and bonfire parties with loads of travellers.

so im gonna come visit in the summer hahahah
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Jul 14, 2014
My favorite place in B.C is French Hill ( Osoyoos I think its located in, dont remember anymore ) and Kelowna.


Drifting away
Jun 6, 2014
Western Canada
My favorite place in B.C is French Hill ( Osoyoos I think its located in, dont remember anymore ) and Kelowna.
French hill is in Osoyoos, but I don't think that you want to go there, I was in the area last summer and apparently you'll get fined 200$ If you head up there. The thing is that the locals got fed up with the grass fires, and garbage, and on that note I got a few sideways glances just for wearing a backpack too. Bum station, by the airport is probably still going ( there isn't a lot of room there though), and there is an other kick ass coolie further up the trail, just be careful of the cacti. If you do that walk drunk and in the middle of the night, your life will suck.

It's a little late in the season so you probably figured it out by now but loose bay in Oliver is where the season kicks off these days.
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Aug 12, 2011
Northern CA
Ahoy! just wanted to write back! I actually made it across Candada from Niagara Falls eventually to Vancouver Island. Worked 6 or 7 weeks of the Cherry harvest in the Okanagan, without a work visa, living in the "crusty" orchard in Oliver. AND IT WAS AMAZING! I will totally be there next year, well prepared, to rejoin so many wonderful Quebec'r friends! Tabarnak!


Jan 4, 2014
canada on the move
Ive traveled the west coast of canada for a few years now, grew up here and ive hitched everyplace, just want to let people know about the hidden gems, we have a seasonal migration of people traveling from out east every year to pick fruit and iam always asked for info, and for anyone wanting to come from up south will know what to expect, anyone else traveling round bc share some of your fravorite spots--

Fruit picking in the okanogon
My fravorite place to pick is kermous, rave party ever 2 weeks,full moon partys, lots of french travelers, work lasts almost all the warm season, cherries,apples,grapes

Golden, field
true gateways to the rockies, along highway one on the bc alberta boarder, whitewater rafting, snowboarding and mountainbikeing, hiking, Takakkaw Falls
Hippy capital of BC, checkout anisworth hotsprings, horseshoe shaped hotspring cave

Commercial and broadway, Vancouver
head down to the street , community for punks and always travelers panning

Sooke Potholes, sooke
3 waterfalls in a group, backflip each one after eachother, one of the best swimming in BC

Twin lakes, windermere
10 foot to 200 foot cliffs to jump into baby blue water, 60 foot ropeswing, another one of a kind swimming hole

Halfway and St.Leons Hippy Springs, free hotsprings
30 k north of nakusp, a must see after shambhala


haida gwaii, qween charlots islands
Coastal rainforest of northern BC, mushroom picking, almost no people around, true wilderness, far into the void of the north but worth the trip
Scared the shit gotta myself at twin lakes lol. Had to show off for the hippy chicks we met there and I suppose it was worth it ha ha


Feb 10, 2016
the island, nanaimo is really nice im there now. always like the okenogen valley, and vancouver for short periods of time isn't bad.
Dec 30, 2016
Amherst Nova Scotia
Sooke is a nice area to relax for a couple days. It has the potholes, which was already mentioned. There are also lots of hiking trails, including one that leads to the abandoned fire tower on mt quimper. If you like being near the ocean, whiffin spit, French beach, china beach are good areas. You can catch a 50/61 bus from Victoria to sooke for $2.50, or a day pass for $5.00. You can find spots to camp out for a night or two for free, or there is a couple campgrounds.

jimbo slice

Oct 31, 2017
This list brough many smiles to my face as im a bc girl whos been sitting around in newfoundland for the past couple of months trying to explain to everybody here how amazing it is out there. Ive do e the fruit pick out there for a few years and theres really nothin like it! Thanks!

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I deleted myself
I lived in nanaimo for a year and in New Westminster for a year a while back. Hitched around as a kid some too. Its gonna take me some time but i plan on going back out there again. I want to see all the places i havent. The north island, the little islands, more of the valley, and as many sexy little mountain towns as possible. I will do a mix of hitching and driving. I will still have the big guy (7-8 year old rottie mix, 85lb'r) who has not hopped so i will most likely not hop at all. But with the proper help or in a safe situation i may. Im dying to simply ride the rails all through the mountains. I know the scenery is one if a kind. Just wondering if anyone had a heads up about any places to avoid or definitely check out in recent times. Ive wandered the states and had shot guns pulled on me and rolled through some ghetto wastelands so im not worried about that. Though not looking for those destinations by any means.

My favoirite places in the west are the alberta bc border when you start to see the mountains growing in the distance. Its fucking gorgeous. And the sunshine coast. The people were so friendly and cool. Also beautiful countryside. I want to go where the land is free and clean, the sun shines bright and warm, and the cool fresh breeze keeps the bugs out of my eyes.

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