1. T

    Intro: My name is SB.

    I'm a 15yr old male that has been looking forward to train hopping out of Spokane during the start of summer. I grew up in a shitty part of Spokane with an raging alcoholic father and both parents were recovering meth addicts. when I was 10yrs old we moved into a 10 wide cabin with 4 people. My...
  2. EvanIsCool1723

    Sleep Spots, Spokane Wa

    On the centennial trail under N division there is a set of stairs with a good sleep spot to tarp up at
  3. EvanIsCool1723

    Traveller's in or entering Spokane area?

    It would be nice to not travel alone, im freight hopping out of Spokane Wa some time in the beginning of this summer. This is an invitation to join me on this trip.(any advice for the rails and hitch hiking would be greatly appreciated:)
  4. crimethunc7


    Welp, I have no idea what I am doing here, just that life in a capitalist society ain't for me and I am about to go rogue. Looking for folks in Spokane WA. Looking for pointers on traveling in general. I have an old beater truck but if it makes more sense to ditch that I will. Thinking Ill save...
  5. RACC00NHands

    Van spots in Spokane?

    I’ve been living in my van for about 3 months, and got to Spokane about a week ago, planning to spend a couple months because I know a couple people up here and I got a job offer. I have never had a harder time finding spots than here. The Walmart’s don’t let you park, and there’s no BLM land...
  6. Faunus

    Anybody in East Washington? -SpokaneStuck-

    Hey y'all; Anybody out here in East Washington? I'd love to kick it, maybe work on some projects together while I'm stuck being a temporary wageslave lol. Currently feeling more and more trapped here in Spovegas, figure some folks aroind might help.
  7. Poking Victim

    Cheyenne To Spokane

    After attending the Rainbow Gathering in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Eastern Wyoming, I headed down to New Mexico. I found out my girlfriend was definitely an ex-girlfriend and didn't want to see me so much, so I hung out in Silver City with some friends then headed NorthWest. I have a...