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Jun 29, 2015
So, I take it you are interested? How soon can you be ready to do something like this?

I am talking about purely a defensive militant stance not a offensive one.

Wherever there is a feral free people living off the land organized government makes its business to remove and enslave them.
Im interested
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Nov 22, 2011
West Coast
I'm dedicated to manifesting this endeavor in the mountains of southwestern Oregon this coming spring. The groundwork has been laid for the central camp during some extensive scouting quests. Anyone who is a dedicated, dynamic, and hardy individual is welcome to contact me and explore the vision of a nomadic neo-tribal wilderness kingdom.


I deleted myself
Did anything come of this? Was very interested in something like this.


I deleted myself
Definitely curious what happened to the guy who started this thread... Or if anything ever came out of this...

I lived on 20acres in Ash fork Arizona for a year. I put $3200 down on the property and had a 165 monthly payment for the remaining balance. I sold firewood to keep the ball rolling. It was vacant land, so I build a 15x14 sort of tiny cabin with a wood stove and a few solar panels.... I want to keep this post fairly short..... So Ill skip the details and say that I recently February of this year walked away from the property, sold off my stuff and travelled for a while before heading back to my hometown to stay with relatives after a broken leg forced me out of work for a period of time and I got behind and couldn't catch up again...

Somebody said earlier that this is a pipedream unless you own the land blah blah blah...

Well, speaking from experience, Unless you buy the land outright and have no need to commute to work or make a regular income... You'd actually be better off just squatting the public lands...

Unless you live in town, and just buy a property for weekend fun....

I think I could have achieved the same lifestyle and ENJOYED it more than I did... IF I had went just an hour hike outside of a small town and built a primitive shelter with logs and tarps, and walked to the local food bank once a week or gotten food stamps...

You eccentially become a slave to the things you own. I had a lot of tools and stuff when I started into that lifestyle and I wanted to build semi-perminant structures and not have to worry about being kicked out of the area by government or.. Ya know what I mean?

I didn't want to invest money and time into something I didn't "own" just to be kicked out of forced to leave or abandon the fruits of my labor.

Look at how many homeless live in tents right outside of whatever town...

I love this idea, and I love the fact that you guys are talking about doing the one thing Ive dreamed about for years...

At the end of the day, I think WHO you do it with, is far more important than WHERE or on WHAT LAND. After a year ALONE in the woods, the one thing that really sticks out in my mind is COMMUNITY!!! That's what its all about. Its about finding the right people who want the same things you do and are willing to work with you to achieve it.

-On a side note, I think owing $5,000 or more in child support, is valid reason you cant get a passport... So if your behind on support payments, the overland route thru the mountains may be the only option for getting to Alaska or into Canada...

That's my .02


I deleted myself
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've gave it my best attempt at doing exactly what your talking about doing.... Except I did it completely alone and on private property in northern Arizona... Financial reasons, and lack of social support were ultimately the cause of my failure...

I don't regret one second of it. It was the most interesting and fun learning experience I ever had. But, people thought I was crazy. Its not a welcomed, or socially acceptable lifestyle... Like older retired people in the area would spy on me all the time... People from my hometown would drive all the way out there to spy on me all the time. My family didn't want me to continue living like that, so they would cause me all sorts of problems. they'd loosen bolts on my trailers, and dump water tanks in my driveway after rains or snow thaw to prolong the inability to get a vehicle in and out...

I wont go into too much nonsense, but I believe your more likely to succeed if...

1 - COMMUNITY is priority
If you have a few good friends / like minded individuals trying to live the same lifestyle.

2 - MONEY matters
Your obligated financially, as little as possible / have a means of income nearby

3 - SKILLS and Resources
If your trying to "bug out" altogether and live without money, The people you have with you are your most important asset, but skills and resources are next in line... I think being far enough to escape the rat race, but close enough to pack or hike food and drinks from a nearby store or food bank is mandatory...

Everybody thinks they can go trap and hunt enough food to survive..

And while that may be true, I personally don't like the taste of dirty lake water, and if I want to drink a beer on Friday night, you can bet your ass, I will find a way to the store.

Good luck to you. PM me! Id love to hear more about your experiences. As always I wish you the best!!!


Mar 22, 2017
Szczyrk, Poland
Anyone still interested in a similar thing?

I'm looking for like-minded people from around the world. I am an anprim extremist (have lots of reasons to hate civ) and although I still dont have all the skills needed to go full Hunter-Gatherer, I have no other goals right now and learning' hard. And I take it very seriously.

I have been thinking about the same thing as the guy who started this thread. But first I wanna find and meet at least a few people with similar attitudes. This is not easy for obvious reasons. For something like this, we really must be best friends or we will all die.

Right now I live in Europe and can travel around the continent no problem. Once I build my airplane (a year or so) I'll try to get to NA.

Either way, my Skype: watrobajaro


Mar 21, 2017
Augusta, GA
My husband and I are 10000% into the ideas this post started with. Ideally we'd love to have a patch of land to live on with some folks and have some chickens and veggies but without the initial capital for land and all that requires I'd definitely say a more nomadic hunter-gatherer approach is more likely to keep us safe from pigs. We're looking to get a nice little camp community together out in the Olympic peninsula.

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