1. DazeDreamer

    Greetings and whatever else

    Hey all, my name's Alex. I've only done a bit of traveling so far and currently am stationary but.. I'm saving money (even though fuck money) right now and searching for a well maintained Toyota T100 for sale anywhere east of the rockies and south of the salt belt.. gonna put a bed cap on it...
  2. Naked Lilies

    A Gathering of People - Lafayette, TN [Apr 14 - 20]Event 

    I plan to check this out next month. They're also cool with people stopping by before and after the event to lend a hand. Here's the event info: This gathering is all about people coming together and the possibilities that come from that. By building community and working together we can do...
  3. D

    My Wwoofing Experience Thus FarPhotos Featured 

    Well it has been a long time coming, but it's time that I finally write out my experiences with wwoofing. Wwoofing is loaded program, filled with wingnuts and kickass people alike. I would recommend it as probably one of the best hostel programs in the states, but I would also recommend doing it...