1. Ramblin Blues

    Losing Democracy

    Oh man... What are we going to do when Trump is acquitted by the Senate and is given free rein to stomp on the rights of Americans, take away our entitlements and promote more hate?
  2. DuHastMich

    Mail bombs to Dems and Soros? The cheese has slid off the cracker of society

    Not sure if correct subforum. But what the fuck is people's problem? Mailing fucking bombs to prove a point? Look, I get today's political scene is a bit contentious. People are shitty about something, and probably with good cause. Seriously though. What level of "fucked up" must one amass...
  3. Coywolf

    Trump Names New Sec. of State.... (satire)

    I think he will do a great job....
  4. siid

    One month in RussiaPhotos 

    here's some photos from my trip to Russia, mostly of abandoned stuff, mountains and rivers :) Yaroslavl (very small old city 4 hours north east of Moscow) This was something like an abandoned sports stadium This is the center of the stadium where sports used to be played, this...