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  1. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Camper Kart is a Tiny Home That Pops Out of a Shopping Cart

    http://inhabitat.com/camper-kart-is-a-tiny-home-that-pops-out-of-a-shopping-cart/ We've all seen the men and women who live out of shopping carts in cities throughout the world, but imagine if they could add one of Kevin Cyr's awesome pop-up tents to the mix. The Camper Kart is a portable...
  2. theallnightdiner

    Skoolie livin, banjo pickin', piano choppin' traveler new here

    Hi guys, i travel around in a 40ft skoolie. Been livin the travelin', busking lifestyle for about 7 years. I love it. It can be rough, but I think it builds character. I want to thank many of you, for being you. I've been quite inspired to live my life by all the dirty, krusty, freight...
  3. A

    In a hole in the ground...

    Totally building myself one of these someday. @Warboy its doable!!

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