1. Matt Derrick

    Why a Converted School Bus Makes a Great Home

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    by Will Sutherland Converting a school bus into a skoolie offers a comfortable, affordable living space that can go anywhere the road might take you. When you think of a school bus, you might not consider it as a potential dwelling. That’s understandable. We are familiar with pull-behind...
  2. Matt Derrick

    School bus length infographic

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    I found this interesting infographic on the Rolling Vistas blog, and thought I'd repost it here for anyone that might be interested in seeing a great comparison between the different sizes of school buses out there. I've also included their YouTube video on the subject since it's pretty...
  3. BirdDaddy

    Agreement reached on possession of Bus!!!!

    After a long couple of months, the ex-girlfriend has finally decided to let me keep Finch. Finch being the first bus we purchased together and converted into a home. It’s named after my best friend Cody John Finch Kandler who originally inspired me to live the lifestyle of a vagabond . Finch...
  4. Cornelius Vango

    Leaving Slab City - packing up my bus and saying goodbyes

    This is the first of the videos I'll be uploading about my on-going adventure rubber-tramping poor (as fuck) from Slab City to Alaska where I have tentative plans for adventure!
  5. theallnightdiner

    Skoolie livin, banjo pickin', piano choppin' traveler new here

    Hi guys, i travel around in a 40ft skoolie. Been livin the travelin', busking lifestyle for about 7 years. I love it. It can be rough, but I think it builds character. I want to thank many of you, for being you. I've been quite inspired to live my life by all the dirty, krusty, freight...
  6. Matt Derrick

    Life on the Road as a Millennial - The Vagabus Disaster?

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    Life on the Road as a Millennial Ah, life on the open road. So American! Kerouac! Easy Rider! The kid from Into the Wild who ate those seeds and died! Kids are still unplugging and trying out The Hobo Life—but what happens when you add Wi-Fi and Indiegogo campaigns and iPhone apps to the...
  7. moopy

    Insurance for a 17 person passenger bus (short bus)

    I'm looking into buying this shortbus from a church and I realized that I have no idea what the insurance is like on these things. Can anyone gimmie a clue as to what to expect to pay? I'll give you some details: - 1992 Ford E350 with 113k miles on it. Automatic transmission, takes unleaded...