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  1. F

    The threat of Nuke War between US and Russia is keeping me up at night again

    Not since the Reagan 1980s when we were at the brink of Nuke War and movies like "Wargames" and "The Day After" have we come this close. The fact that Biden and the US Miiitary have never renounced first strike is noted. A cyber attack could be countered by a nuke strike by the US
  2. Matt Derrick

    Photos Infographic: How NOT to behave in 15 countries

    I thought a lot of the things on this list were pretty interesting and worth sharing here for anyone interested in traveling in countries outside the USA.
  3. ZIGER

    Featured Closing of the cargo-passenger travel season 2020 in Russia

    Autumn came, it gets colder and colder every day, and most trainhoppers won't jump until spring. As always, there is an annual meeting about the closing of the season, usually at the end of October. Since this year's trip date was known in advance, many were able to adjust to the departure date...
  4. Tadaa

    Russia anyone?

    anyone in St Petersburg or Moscow and down to show me around a bit? getting my year long tourist visa in a week. and will be going to Moscow again in a few weeks. i live in Tallinn so just around the corner from st petersburg. then in december or january i ll go to moscow to do a russian...
  5. Dameon

    News & Blogs Homeless Man Sails 8 Foot Dinghy to Russia from Alaska

    The improbable voyage of an Anchorage man who tried to sail to China to see his wife and son John Martin sailed this 8-foot boat across the Bering Sea and hoped to reach China. He is currently detained in Russia. (Courtesy of Jerry Lamont) John Martin III set out last summer to sail from...
  6. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Hitchhiking across Russia

    saw this post on reddit's /r/vagabond today and thought it might be worth reposting here for anyone that was interested: Hitchhiking across Russia (self.vagabond) submitted 23 hours ago by lonelyhoncho I’m about to go on a gap year and am thinking about hitchhiking across the whole of Russia...
  7. siid

    Photos One month in Russia

    here's some photos from my trip to Russia, mostly of abandoned stuff, mountains and rivers :) Yaroslavl (very small old city 4 hours north east of Moscow) This was something like an abandoned sports stadium This is the center of the stadium where sports used to be played, this...
  8. bellend

    Russia: saint P or Moscow for squatting/ antifa lyf

    want to move to moscow or saint petersburg soon, what are opinions on antifa movement in both/either? heard generally good things about st p but also not so sure how up to date that info is. got to thinking that maybe moscow is more active these days. any info welcome
  9. beginnavagabond

    Want to get back out there

    So I am at home trying to make some money so I can travel hopefully overseas. My mother says I should try going to a place like Asheville and living there for a little so I can get used to living on my own and being independent. I eventually want to travel to Russia for about a month or two and...
  10. Cozmcrae

    Driving through Russia (Around the world without air travel)

    I left Scotland about 8 months ago to travel round the world without using air travel. Just incase anyone is interested this is me driving through Russia at the end of last year in my broken 20 year old Toyota Hilux. It made it and only coust me 1000 GBP ($1500) I'm in Beijing now and had to...
  11. TheWindAndRain

    Stray dogs ride trains in Russia

    Yes, some of Moscow's stray dogs have figured out how to use the city's immense and complex subway system, getting on and off at their regular stops. The human commuters around them are so accustomed to it that they rarely seem to notice...
  12. wizehop

    bridge between Russia and Alaska could lead to the ultimate road trip

    http://www.theplaidzebra.com/a-potential-bridge-between-russia-and-alaska-could-lead-to-the-ultimate-road-trip/ A potential bridge between Russia and Alaska could lead to the ultimate road trip April 20, 2015 BY: ZOE MELNYK A road trip stretching from New York City all the way to London could...
  13. wetcat

    Flying into moscow russia

    but i havent gotten a visa yet. i dont get there til the 27th of may which is still pretty close i guess. i need to have a tour booked but id really not like to do the typical tourist shit of course. there has to be some rad groups out there doing shit. anything at all would be rad.
  14. Charlie

    Washington to Alaska, Alaska to Russia

    I'm beginning to plan for a trip that is WAY beyond anything I have ever done. One year from now, I would like to embark on this trip. Everything between now and then will be preparation. I've been studying in school so I can come up with some career options on the road. I've been studying music...
  15. Tadaa

    trainhop across russia in sept?

    anyone up to hop from st petersburg all the way to vladivostok in september / october last year i hopped / hitchhiked from st petersburg to irkutsk with a friend (little over 6000 km) and then went down to mongolia.. this year i want to stick mostly to trainhopping and go all the way to...
  16. Tadaa

    Russia - Trainhopping and language school question

    does anyone know where i can find some info online about trainhopping in Russia? or if someone has done it and wants to help me out that would be sweet.. i plan on travelling russia this summer so.. also. if somebody knows a good and cheap language school to learn russian that would be...
  17. E

    Forced Eviction in Moscow, Russia

    On Sunday, March 7, 2010, Moscow riot police and demolition workers tore down my home to make way for a parking lot. Three generations of my family have lived here as squatters since the 1930s. My 104-year-old great-grandmother was one of the first inhabitants of the house, where she was...
  18. stove

    Train-hitching/boat-hitching in Russia

    I'm putting this under the “other forms of travel” section for a reason: it's not Train-hopping as we know it in the US. In Siberia, it is apparently common and easy (and ALLOWED) to hitch-hiking on cargo ships and freight trains, in the unit. Trains are not manifested ahead of time, but...
  19. Komjaunimas

    Photos Trainsurfing in Russia

    http://englishrussia.com/?p=2694 check it out Are you going travel to Russia. Would you like to buy Russian train tickets? Well you don't need to if you want to feel yourself for a moment Russian. Trainhiking is very common, some do it for fun some for just saving the ticket price.