1. ResistMuchObeyLittle

    Budget gear for a bike tour

    So, after many failed attempts at finding a reliable road dawg, I'm saying fuck it and hitting the road on my lonesome. This is greatly inspired by Gypsybones. Reading about his trips gets my blood flowing. After doing extensive research I've put together a budget setup for those broke asses...
  2. jojoofu

    Homemade saddle bags / pannier ideas ?

    I'm looking for some suggestions on making a home made saddle sack / pannier for my bicycle. I'm flat broke after spending money replacing my stolen gear. I do have lots of scrap metal laying around , some basic power tools and I think a few planks of wood. I just need something cheap and...
  3. Dunedrifter

    Pannier/backpack conversion

    I've been researching panniers to purchase and came across these high quality (and high priced) ones that convert into a backpack! They're made by in Colorado. I'm just trying to decide if I would ever need to quickly convert to backpack mode from bike touring mode.