1. D

    How much money do y'all need to live?

    hello people of stp, how much do you spend monthly on things like food, gear, shelter etc.? i'm really interested how high the expenses of different people, with different lifestyles are. on what do you spend most of your money? for me that would be food, depends on the location though. xoxo
  2. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Italian village offers €2,000 to anyone who wants to move there

    Need a new start? Idyllic but desperate Italian village offers €2,000 to anyone who wants to move there (and rents of €50 a month) over fears it will turn into a ghost town Cash reward for those who relocate to Bormida in mountainous region of Liguria As well as money boost, they will also be...
  3. drynyn

    Italy - why are you so mean?

    Don't get me wrong, Italy is a beautiful place and the people are generally nice. But traveling here hasn't been the greatest. Me and my brother are van camping through Europe and have been for about 5 months so far with few problems. We get to Italy though and the vibe is just a little...
  4. Marti Jacobs

    Lost in Venice

    Hi everyone, I want to share my experience in Venice, Italy. Yes, of course by my tittle we get lost, but relax, it didn't end in bad terms, in fact it was pretty good ;) I consider myself as a seasonal traveler. I save all my money over a year so I can spend it on my trips. We spent just 2...