dumpster diving

  1. Tengu91

    Cops vs Dumpster Divers

    Wasn't sure where this belongs since it falls into so many categories. Thoughts...
  2. Kendra

    Nashville food bank/soup kitchen/dumpsters

    Hey y'all, I'm in "north" Nashville for a few weeks and am wondering where the good feeds/pantries/dumpsters are at. Dumpsters especially. Am discreet and will not blow up a spot. If you're down to show me, that's awesome, tell me about some places, that's awesome too.
  3. S

    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    Ok I live in eastern Kentucky close to Lexington and I need help I'm new to dumpster diving. Been a couple times and nothing always empty handed trips so I would love to hear from anyone that could help me or givw me advice. Would be great if anyone was from Kentucky but anyone from anywhere...
  4. Benji91

    Dumpster Diving in Oz

    A mate of mine back home in Australia wrote a pretty rad article about diving (which isn't overly common in 'straya, or where I'm from at least). Thought some of y'all might dig it. https://andypaine.wordpress.com/2018/05/08/one-persons-trash-diving-into-dumpsters/
  5. dubh

    Eating Trash (dumpstering phobias)

    So my background is a small town rural conservatism, where you don't get on welfare even if your starving, you resent handouts, etc. It took me forever to overcome my fear of eating out of the trash or dumpstering because of this cultural baggage. However, after I did overcome that fear it...
  6. germanbini

    Obligatory handshake :)

    Hello everyone! Sometime lurker, recently decided to make a few posts. I'm a 55-year-old woman with a conversion van, and really enjoy traveling the country whenever I get the chance. I posted in the "road dawg" section hoping to find a fellow adventurer to spend time with. I appreciate all of...
  7. krynitz

    NYC and sleeping rough

    I'm curious about various aspects of sleeping rough in NYC in winter. I'm not one for cold and roughing it in cities as big as NYC always puts me on edge, the two combined appears nightmarish. Has anyone here gone through it? Are there particular spots that are dry, warmer? Are there...
  8. Vulture

    When it's too fucking windy

    I don't know if this is common sense, but I just discovered it. I'm in Texas; it's alway always windy in Texas. Fucking hate it. I needed to stay up lest I miss an early morning appointment. Anyway I tried hiding from the wind by a dumpster and then by a wall. Aerodynamics was not my friend. I...
  9. Daman45

    Fl to WA

    I am planning to challenge myself and go to Washington from Florida. I was wondering if anyone got any tips for a long ass bike ride? Along with food, shelter, and money. I am all ears.