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dumpster diving

  1. TheUndeadPhoenix

    Dumpster Diving for Food in NYC

    I've decided to start writing a dumpster directory for NYC because the website freegan.info is no longer updating their stuff and seems abandoned. Also keep in mind the website hasn't had a major update since 2012. This is not a comprehensive list as things can always change and there's way too...
  2. Batsy

    Dumpster Diving Newbie

    I’ve dived a few times a few years back, both at daytime and night time, but I’m still very new to this. I want to try dumpster diving for food and art supplies, but I could use some advice. What’s a good way to scope out a spot? On Google Maps Street View, it’s usually too hard to see whether...
  3. Gypsybones

    Video Dumpster diving. Not just for the poor anymore

  4. Tengu91

    Cops vs Dumpster Divers

    Wasn't sure where this belongs since it falls into so many categories. Thoughts...
  5. Bungus666

    Dumpster diving scores that come to mind?

    In high school I used to be called dumpster queen 👸🏽 Dumpster diving is one of my favorite things to do. I once found a boneless skinless chicken breast which fed my mom brother sister and I. I found a brand new fan in the box in the middle of summer at Walgreens which worked 👍🏼 I found a...
  6. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs I Am A Dumpster Diver. Here’s What I’ve Learned.

    In the United States, 40 percent of all food that is produced gets thrown in the trash. By Cameron Macleish CAMERON MACLEISH -- Cameron Macleish is surrounded by a haul of fresh bread after a dumpster diving session. I’m standing in front of fresh artisanal breads, crisp green vegetables...
  7. Taming the Tiger

    Don’t dumpster dive Smart Food Service Warehouse in Portland

    I can’t speak for their other locations but I met up with a friend of mine in Portland and their boyfriend works for Smart Food Service Warehouse in Portland. We were talking about food waste and he said they would pour bleach into the food they dumped in order to deter homeless people. He had...
  8. Kendra

    Nashville food bank/soup kitchen/dumpsters

    Hey y'all, I'm in "north" Nashville for a few weeks and am wondering where the good feeds/pantries/dumpsters are at. Dumpsters especially. Am discreet and will not blow up a spot. If you're down to show me, that's awesome, tell me about some places, that's awesome too.
  9. S

    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    Ok I live in eastern Kentucky close to Lexington and I need help I'm new to dumpster diving. Been a couple times and nothing always empty handed trips so I would love to hear from anyone that could help me or givw me advice. Would be great if anyone was from Kentucky but anyone from anywhere...
  10. kikiami

    reciclar barcelona/ dumpster diving

    I know there is a little map on the webs of where and when there are good dumpsters around Barcelona. Anyone know where I might find this website? ¿Alguien sabe el sitio web que tiene el horario y la ubicación de un buen reciclaje para alimentos, etc.?
  11. Benji91

    Dumpster Diving in Oz

    A mate of mine back home in Australia wrote a pretty rad article about diving (which isn't overly common in 'straya, or where I'm from at least). Thought some of y'all might dig it. https://andypaine.wordpress.com/2018/05/08/one-persons-trash-diving-into-dumpsters/
  12. StuckinaDumpster

    Dumpster Diving Treasures

    This morning I went dumpster diving when I found some cool lawn chairs. In need of some repair, of course. Duct tape has a pretty good reputation, but it doesn't stand up to the Texas sun like electrical tape. Just FYI electrical tape is underrated when it comes to UV resistance.
  13. dubh

    Eating Trash (dumpstering phobias)

    So my background is a small town rural conservatism, where you don't get on welfare even if your starving, you resent handouts, etc. It took me forever to overcome my fear of eating out of the trash or dumpstering because of this cultural baggage. However, after I did overcome that fear it...
  14. drea99

    Pet Food Score

    I didn't make any money from this, but I sure did save some. Buddy and I went out dumpstering and ended up with probably close to $400 in pet food. Most of it was cat food, so I will probably end up donating a lot to the humane society. But there were soo many bags of dog treats. The good stuff...
  15. D


    Long time, no post! I've been kicking it at the Slab City Library for a couple months after my crash-landing in Tucson following my exit from three years of commune life. It's been cool to match some real life faces to screen names on this site, and it has been a decent learning experience for...
  16. Hobo Mud

    How to make money from a church while traveling. AA & dumpster diving

    With all the different things that we all have in common on STP there are two that stand out the most, one is the love and desire to travel and the second is the need to make money to survive and fund our adventures. Most of us have developed a skill or a way that best suits us pertaining as...
  17. justanotherperson

    Dumpster diving in rural Canada?

    Just was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of dumpster diving in teeny tiny towns up in Canada/Alaska? Specifically the best spots and businesses, what they found, the quality, and any bad experiences. Thanks
  18. shellshell

    Dumpster diving

    Not sure if this is the right place to post I'm wanting to dive with food not bombs at some point to learn from the pros but until then I am itching to DIVE IN (bad pun intended) and get a feel for it. There's a trader Joe's that I'm planning to check out tonight. I've heard that they are...
  19. germanbini

    Obligatory handshake :)

    Hello everyone! Sometime lurker, recently decided to make a few posts. I'm a 55-year-old woman with a conversion van, and really enjoy traveling the country whenever I get the chance. I posted in the "road dawg" section hoping to find a fellow adventurer to spend time with. I appreciate all of...
  20. Hoboculturalist

    FB group for freegans/dumpster-divers in Wisconsin