Cops vs Dumpster Divers (1 Viewer)


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Aug 15, 2018
Hermosillo, Sonora
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Dec 26, 2010
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You gotta be a special kind of wicked to deem something so absolutely useless to you that you find no better place for it than the dumpster you pay to have emptied and then at the same time want to be the gatekeeper of said useless trash preventing those in dire need who actually could use whatever it was from actually being able to take it out of the dumpster.


Sep 6, 2013
Antelope Valley, California
A few things I've learned: A lot depends on the city. In Palmdale CA, nobody cares, but 40 miles away in Santa Clarita, store owners will come out and warn you and then call police next time they see you, and that's even IF you can find a dumpster without a padlock on it.

I'm hanging in Bakersfield right now and I notice some homeless will empty an entire apartment dumpster onto the ground and leave a huge mess there.

But with the virus situation I think most cops leave the divers alone unless they have no choice.


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Nov 15, 2012
I'm hanging in Bakersfield right now and I notice some homeless will empty an entire apartment dumpster onto the ground and leave a huge mess there.
Tweekers Galor in Bako; but this is a good point and I see it a lot. Kind of like how there will be a few nice bums with clean camps down by the river, then some buttheads come and make it so loud and gross neighbors have to complain.

In regards to the Fred Myers situation; sad stuff. But the irony of it is really baffling! The amount of wierd unhealthy pumped up processed shit they are will to sell for consumption at profit...but then they claim concern for folks over a some meat sitting at room temp for a few hours....BUY MORE DORITOS!!!!

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