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  1. WildVirtue

    Why I think anarchists should not abandon all left-wing mass movements

    Introduction There exists a way of defining left vs. right as a spectrum of political philosophies in which anarchism happens to be on the far-left. I think it would be good to use and promote this definition because… if having one more opportunity to advertise our elemental philosophical...
  2. WildVirtue

    On The Far-Left, Effective Activism & Violence

    - A lil essay I wrote exploring the ethics of controversial tactics and providing a general framework for thinking about leftist advocacy. Let me know what you think. - Introduction to what it means to be on the far-left So first off, as socialists & anarchists, we know we...
  3. D

    Activism on the road?

    I'm pretty new to actually trying to do things instead of just complaining about them, so sorry if this is something that's already been discussed a lot. I didn't find much though the search bar on this topic specifically. What kinds of options are out there for anarchist activism while...
  4. nivoldoog

    Zine Puget Sound: Stop the Sweeps!

    Thousands of people sleep-rough in tents, doorways, or vehicles around the Puget Sound. On any given day they might be forced to give up what little semblance of stability they have by threat of violent arrest and seizure of their few belongings. These sweeps are a never-ending game of...
  5. Darcyx9

    Zine The Truthagandist Primer

    "This guide is written in response to a very common problem that we have seen within the activist community – bad fliers, bad advertising, bad speeches, and bad knowledge about human psychology and how to appeal to people. If you can't convey information to people effectively, or if you can't...
  6. WildVirtue

    Top 25 Radical Radio Stations & Shows

    Hey all, Had the idea of drawing up this list for traveling, so that I could get a feel for the culture of a place and also the campaign struggles the people face. Most are available to stream online so I can learn more before I go or deciding where to go, while others are a local only treat...
  7. Matt Derrick

    #08 - Adventures in Squatting with Homes Not Jails

    Link: https://youtu.be/9dkUp3n1Gzs This week we'll be speaking with Wren and Stix as they recall some of their previous work opening abandoned buildings for squatters in the San Francisco bay area. The StP podcast is a weekly series discussing various topics related to underground travel and...
  8. Spirit Freeman

    Veganism and what it can mean for you!

    So I have been going through threads on here that have touched the topic of Veganism and I have seen mostly negative and pessimistic views on traveling while Vegan. I want to clarify something. It is NOT hard to travel and be Vegan. If you want it then you can make it work. My wife and I have...
  9. Cornelius Vango

    What is your favorite form of activism?

    Do you take direct action, or do you prefer more subtle forms of action? Are you a protester, keyboard warrior, disaster volunteer, yarn-bomber, artist or participate in one of many other forms of activism? Do you work alone or with an organization? What is your favorite way to take part (or...
  10. Spirit Freeman

    Music intended to spread Awareness and Self Empowerment.

    I am Spirit and I am a Nomadic Anarchist with an undying thirst to awaken the minds of my fellow humans. Check out my YouTube channel! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC5EfhjSV7wAbgG_abDly6JA -Spirit Anarchy.Veganism.Unity.Freedom.
  11. Spirit Freeman

    Revolution and why we need one.

    We are living in a world where everything has "monetary" value. Everything. Appreciation for our world is nearly dead. Resources get wasted at alarming rates and everyone is too attached to the television, internet, video games, and work to do anything about it. Or to even do the thinking...
  12. Malik

    Book An Anarchist Cookbook: Recipies for Disaster

    Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook is an anarchist book released by the CrimethInc. collective in December 2004. It provides information on and strategies for direct action useful to activists and dissenters. There are sections on forming affinity groups, organizing demonstrations...
  13. R

    Hello to Y'all

    Hi Guys, I'm New to the site, and glad to be part of it. I'm maybe unusual because I represent the british contingent here, being an anglo-welsh hitchhiker/DIY sailor, with a boat I fixed up over years on the US East Coast. I always hitch-hiked everywhere I couldn't go by bicycle, and when I got...
  14. Frenchie

    Let's draw, forage, and tear up the U.S.

    Hey, i'm an east coast based artist and video professional who doesn't fit into this city life I've been living. I need to be in the wild, reclaim my freedom, and leave my structured life behind. I've traveled coast to coast before but I'm not done yet. I'm selling all my shit and getting ready...
  15. NM Black Cross Medic

    Relationships in radical activism.

    I've been involved full time in radical activism since we started an anticapitalist coalition with occupy in my home town. I've had a crap relationship history anyway, but now that I'm so sunk into radical activism I'm wondering how I would even make it feasible. There aren't a whole lot of...
  16. O

    Bergen/passaic/north jersey activism

    were looking to start a sort of activist collective in Nj, since bergen activists became defunct there aint much going on here, anyone ineterested?