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  • whats up, im gonna be passing through albuquerque soon are there any infoshops, or collectives there?
    We decided to call it the black cross because the guy who got it off the ground was a medic with the black cross health collective in PDX.
    you can see how id be confused,with a masked up profile pic and the same name,right?anyway,love and respect to yall.and i love me some new mexico,was born there but only saw it really last year...love to u and yours
    oh,ok then.just confused,and was trying to reach out...sorry.just out of curiosity,why call urselves the black cross when there is already a black cross thats been around for over 100 years in radical circles ?is there any connection or just thought it was cool name?are yall anarchists???
    fuck yeah for the abc,comrade!many abc groups supported me during 8 years in oregon prison,my lost partner chantel cherie guidry also started lawrence abc,and so on.please do hit me up sometime,we may have lot to talk about...
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