You don't need shit, a change in mentality (1 Viewer)

Jan 17, 2016
Having a sign or not, a geared up bicycle is a statement to those who chose to live a very different life compared to the ones on this forum. Having a sign like that just helps you not having to repeat yourself to every single person who inquires. From my experience as well, traveling by bicycle gave me more positive experiences with strangers than walking / hitch hiking, because a bicycle is something most people can understand. Most people have had that thought while riding a bicycle, what if i didn't have to turn around? What would happen if I just kept riding totally unprepared? Less people have the courage to actually find out.

Keep the pedal to the medal and the rubber on the road.
I don't want people giving me anything of they think I am a homebum or whatever, basically he reason why I do have signs
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Dec 21, 2017
Pismo Beach
Well... you really dont need anything until you really do. Sometimes you really need something you dont have or have already gotten rid of. I think fear of that is one of the factors that creates horders.

As a side note, you forgot one thing you really need that isn't on your list... human interaction. I did about two months on the road (headed up the Al-Can) without talking to almost anybody then another month in a forest without speaking or seeing anyone in any way. That month brought out the darkest shit in my soul... nearly killed me. Self introspection is great n all but I sure as hell wouldent recomend that path... people need people...

train in vain

Nov 15, 2009
Out there
This isn't to say I look down upon people who fly signs or whatever, if that's you're thing, cool, just get it out your head that you need what you are asking for, there are other ways to find it. Most of my friends that fly signs for a living, it really don't matter, all I'm saying is just, you don't need people, and self reliance is cooler than depending on people
I agree with the self reliance thing. I dont fly signs or spange i dont even like to hitchhike because its like flying a sign for a ride. There is usually a way to get something without asking for it. Not always but more often than not. But when you really get down to it you cant say you dont need people because you do. No one is completely self reliant in 2019. Even if you live in the wilderness away from people and grow food and hunt etc... did you build that gun? Who made those shoes? I know thats a little extreme maybe..but its reality. No one gets by 100% on their own.


Oct 16, 2015
if yr in a lifestyle like OP and you can go straight to having near to nothing, or a "not having any" mentality, amazing and i could learn a lot from you

but to be real for most of us we need to take steps of having less first, in order to arrive en route to that direction

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I like to formally addressed diss, in itself. But, I feel like there's a difference between being entitled and being needy. It definitely has different attitudes associated.


Jun 3, 2019
El Paso, TX
You have a beautiful perspective. But why dis someone that is obviously hurting? This cruel world can make a person angry sometimes. If a person is mentally ill, has no friends or family, and is constantly getting kicked while they are down, they might feel like yelling. I can understand the feeling. I've never done it before, but I've felt like doing it. You are one of the people who's been able to face the cruel realities of this world and still stay relatively sane. So am I. I am very grateful for this. Some people might be driven mad by the constant mental abuse they face on the streets. I feel very sorry for them. I know they are in pain. Btw, I can relate to your toothbrush issue. When I read that, I had to laugh. People love giving toothbrushes, don't they. I have gotten to where if someone tries to give me something that I don't need or want, I will smile nicely and tell them thanks but no thanks. And I'll explain that I already have that and am carrying too much stuff as it is. It's an opportunity for a conversation. It's an opportunity to humanize yourself, and by extention other travelers and poor people. If a person is open enough to give you a toothbrush, they might be open enough to actually listen to you for a moment and better get to understand you.
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I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Dec 29, 2019
New Mexico
The world needs you. Ive found out it's important to not get attached to moments in time unless you want to be there forever. Unless you're getting exactly what you want out of life keep going. What you are seeking will catch up with you or you might just slip away to paradise and you know the powers that be don't want that. I'm still waiting for a real girl to show up not just some sick fuck who plays the part of a girl to maintain her/his kingdom.

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