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  • You know its time to wash your shorts when you take them off and they retain the shape of your body.
    i almost got arrested for sleeping outside in kerrville tx they have really stupid laws .. heads up yall..
    I Left Fort Lauderdale..passing through orlando bound for mobile Alabama.. should be there the 28th..then NOLA.. goodbye Florida.
    Its fun messing with LP at Walmart. LP tailed me and i turned around and asked if they carried tent poles he got white as he suttered "no"
    I love all the nasty looks i get when i sit in a public place and actually buy something..they still want me out.imma just sip this slower
    My dawg was not ready for the road. Anyone that wants to hitch with me out of mobile Alabama the 29th this month hmu going to NOLA N cali
    Wanna get back to Bama... beer swilling... hardcore redneck here bopped a train with a bud two years ago.. spent most of that time in county lock up.. wanna get back to the south.. squat.. go boggin with some buds.. get back to working as a farm hand....
    I found over 50 beers in my beer dumpster last night :D potentially my best score ever. And yes my drunk ass lugged them back to camp.
    fuckin winnnnn
    Haha hell ya.. perfect timing too..the trash man came this morning before they open so i did not blow my spot. They wont know i took them all..;)
    Deleted member 20975
    Beer dumpster! WTF these exist!!???
    sometimes its good to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and step out of your safe zone.. that shit will make you a stronger person.
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