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Desperado Deluxe

Wise Sage
Apr 20, 2010
He actually didn't steal that kids fucking dog in the first place!!! He watched his dog while that kid was in the hospital for being a fucking oog . Everybody really needs to stop trusting these dumbass shwilly rainbow fucks. Six pack is not a bad dude.

Thanks Zack is a friend of mine. I just didn't know what to say about all this without going on a tear and sounding like an ass. I'm kinda peeved everyone turned into a godamn lynch mob on a witch hunt after frankensteins monster when there wasn't much to the story.::shifty:: Do you have anymore info on what happened? Or anyone else for that matter?
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Kim Chee

I closed my account
Perhaps @joey Tripps can create an account (if he doesn't already have one) and chime in and give his side here along with Mr. Zach so we can quit bullshitting about this.


Apr 24, 2014
Baltimore, MD
Its always like that with these stupid ass rainbow kids and their "Fm" they pass lies around the internet like wildfire. I don't know why anyone would think that the joey kid has the right to issue a greenlight on someone.
What happened was they were drinking together, it was a group of kids, Joey got drunk and wild and couldn't handle his booze, so he got his ass beat for acting up and being crazy when everyone else was normal and handling themselves fine. He went to the hosoital and six pack was good enough of a kid to take the little ducks dog until he got out of the hospital.
Honestly, I'm not six packs hugrxt fan ever. But he was there when some dumb ass catty chicks tried to jump me in Boston, he pulley one girl away and let me handle the other so it was fair enough, lol. I didn't ducking do anything though and he knew that and made sure I was fine afterwards. But now has been dating the chick who wanted to jump in on it, and the only reason her friend fight me, is because she told her to, we didn't even have any issues.
But that's a totally different topic and in just ranting. But yeah, there ya go

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