The dumbest assholes you've seen on the rails/road (1 Viewer)

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Aug 7, 2019
Milford, MA
i was in worcester last summer hangin out under that bridge by the ms worcester diner. i see this other kid a ways down from me like milling around very obviously, makin noise, etc etc when theres no strings blocking the yard. i was just chillin, napping and listening to the scanner, and marking trains when strings would come by and he comes up to me like standing over me as im layin down and talkin at me (two things i cannot stand when men - or boys in this case - do) hes telling me hes got weed like 1000 times, i say i dont smoke weed, hes telling me he rides trains and hes catching out on some train to somewhere and im like buddy you know theres like 4 railroads in this town right? but you know of course he knows what hes talkin about cuz he definitelt rides trains and blah blah blah all of this fucking ridiculous arrogant shit. soon as he walked up to me i could tell he was no more than 21 and had been on no more than one or two trains in his life and had no idea how to get where he was tryin to go. then im discreetly marking trains and hes kinda followin me around but then the piece of shit starts climbing on the inside of the string, in full view of the yard, and motherfucking deadass climbing on top of cars in the middle of the day. i packed my shit and dipped. i wish ida punched him or at least fuckin boxed the little shits ear or somethig. fucking ignorant ass little kids could just not be ignorant ass little fucks and id be happy to help but no you gotta be an ignorant ass little bitch
Any details on worchester hop-out? Trying to get west and the hell outta Mass

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What up dude?Just trying to find similar people with similar views in the area...
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Yo, last night I rode my first autorack! Colton to Yermo in an automax n it was articulated, door open. Love those curved floors so u got a lil hidey wall to chill behind.
Thought of u as soon as we got on lol
Sick as a dog in Texas, once again..
Fuckin' shit
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Go to the gathering in Ocala and you’ll find a ride out of Florida easy as pie

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