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Mastering the Art of Houselessness
Dec 12, 2014
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Northern Arizona
I SWEAR to god I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

I almost wish I was just waiting on trains right now so I could have this entertain the hours of waiting....

blue ant

Jul 8, 2017
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Phoenix, AZ
It's time for a polite piss take

e83-png.43341_STP memes_General Banter_Squat the Planet_8:11 PM

head lowered and back slouched to sneak around bull and/or cops
wears dirty-ass overalls in muted earthy colors
basic bitch camo milsurp bag with straps cut
constantly covered in miscellanious filth due to train debris
dreads and crazy-ass beard, doesn't care
whiskey voice
plays bluegrass with broken banjo, has to put it away when cops come
vocal anarchist
tarp and paracord

perfect hitchhiking posture
wears brightest colors possible in order to attract maximum attention
expensive REI pack (financed entirely with driver kickdowns) covered with straps that dangle to the ground like Spanish moss
showers every day because he's housed up every night
short hair, clean-shaven, wants to look good for the Fotos he's sending to his mother
exotic accent
bumps sickass Dutch techno all hours of the day, cops can do nothing
votes Green
deluxe tent


Nowhere bound...
May 6, 2014
Current Location
Brunswick, Georgia
I been rick-rolled dozens of times, but I got meme'd! Haha, good one for now... One day, I'll come up with a meme but I got too much on my plate.

Deleted member 22054

I deleted myself
2bbxab-jpg.43443_STP memes_General Banter_Squat the Planet_11:32 PM
bonus points if you can tell me who the guy in my meme actualy is.

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MFB wrote on slaapkaamers's profile.
I hosted Lilith/@slaapkaamers for 3 nights in Nov 19.
She was an exemplary guest. Good w both conversing and alone time. Trustworthy, didnt steal anything and I felt very comfortable leaving her alone at my place. She didnt stink and not a junky.
Lilith is a legit traveller, she's a sweet, artistic chick w lots of good and interesting ideas to chat about. A pleasure to host. If she's in your neck of the woods you should help her out. 😉
I have a pretty good new squat in sfe but im leaving soon if anyone wants the keys lmk.
The peavine is gorgeous, I highly recommend that route.
Fucking winter snuck up this year
Damn It! I've been thinking and debating about applying for a position as an Amtrash locomotive engineer! They have openings for Salt Lake City, UT and St. Cloud, MN. I know I got to go through training but I'll be on call 24/7? There goes my sex life and night time weekend parties! Screw that, I'll play with my train set-No Pun=No Joke!
Made back up into Cincy for the weekend. Gonna chill with some homies before we head west for the winter..
'The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.' -Elie Wiesel

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