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Oct 27, 2013
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Riverside, United States
Bought a 26 foot sailboat recently, and have never been sailing before. My plans have changed alot lately, and am looking for people who would be interested in sailing with me. The boat is a 1970 Columbia 26' MKii. Everything is in working order.

Am think about going to Hawaii, then up to Washington. As they say you can't just go up the Pacific coast, the winds and current go south, not north.

Am also ok with just taking it around places in California. If your interested, hit me up.


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Nov 30, 2016
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Saint Johns, AZ
That's cool man. And score on landing a boat, they are out there I got mine for not much at all from another live aboard who wanted to dump it. It was a bay liner 27 foot, looked just like yours, pretty common style. Anyway we sailed it once, mainly got blown around. But thats how you learn.
Man that is logistically sound, but as a maiden voyage would be hella perilous with that much open ocean. You would need spare motor and parts, sails, thread, rope, so much. It would be cheaper to motor up the coast and practice in the way. Hope you find friendly ports and good times, catch some bay bass.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
That's awesome, I love seeing more travelers on boats. It's a good looking ship as well, looks pretty similar to the 79 Grampian I was living on in Key West.

If you have some time in the future, would you mind writing a bit about what your life is like living on the boat? I'm sure it would help inspire a lot of people here :)


plastic wingnut in a microwave
Sep 23, 2009
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folks who know me have my #.
where are you located, bro?
your profile says Riverside, CA, which seems a bit inland..

I'm in ND at the moment, grabbing a couple of bucks before heading to the coast to start working as close to the ocean as i'm able.

game plan is to save up bread for a hole in the water & learn how to make it move without drowning.

leaving ND about 10/1/17, then crossing into WA, OR or CA, depending on where i can line up work.
Things are busy, so work along the coast within any region is not implausible.

down to help out with effort, materials & supplies if she's a sea worthy learning platform..

i don't plan on heading out for a while, myself.
original plan was to try & snag an older, larger boat, & learn on that..

got some good advice that if i'm up in WA, to try a smaller boat & try sailing around the sound.. was also told that if a person learns to handle a smaller boat first, a larger one will actually be easier...

targeting WA for work first, then OR, then CA, in that order, unless i find something out of the bay area in CA, off of CA 1, somewhere, or coastal NorCal..

i know for a fact that work isn't difficult to find (for me, at least, at this moment), so if you're staying in port to finish stuff up, let me know.

i might even be able to stomach SF if that's bear where you're anchored & need the hand.

LA or the general area is out of the question, unfortunately, but that's about it.

let me know..

good luck!!



Sep 24, 2017
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St. Paul, MN
Oh man I'm digging this! I'm really hoping to do a circumnavigation in a few years. I'm still working right now make sure I have enough cash for about a 35 foot, a good lifeboat, nav gear, and all the essential stuff. I definitely want to spend a few months just learning around and find a cheap place to moore. You're living the dream with that boat man, have you been out sailing her around?

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